Fire, Fire, Fire Drill

Dear Flower Class parents, This morning on the table there were lots of pieces of colored paper, some paint brushes and lots of colored paint. We could paint anything we wanted today and some of us did 2 paintings. Next to the painting area the white painted twigs and glue gun were ready for us to join together our skeleton body models. It was not so easy because we needed to hold the sticks right at the ends so that we didn’t get any hot glue on our fingers. Two of us completed our skeletons and they look great. Soon we will display them on the wall for everyone to look at.

Also on the table several of us noticed two big pots of soil, some spoons and some small seeds. We asked the teachers what the seeds were and were told that half of the seeds are called ‘Morning Face’ and the second ones are grape seeds. WE planted the seeds in the two pots by digging a hole with the spoon, placing a seed in the holes and then covering it up. We hope they will start to grow soon. On the second table we were working on birthday cards for our friends next month. Before going to the park today we practiced our earthquake and fire drill. For this we needed to duck underneath the table and cover our heads. The teachers told us that the windows and doors needed to be opened in case the shake wedged them shut. We then practiced our fire drill by shouting fire very loud to warn our friends, covered our mouths to protect us from the smoke and walked down the fire stairs. We all did a great job with this. In the park we saw our friends and siblings in Petals Class as well as Buds Class too. In circle time we practiced the Ohana School Song and then talked about the word ‘family’. We had lots of ideas about the word family and then moved to the table to do our first drawing of our whole family. We made sure we left space for everyone and some of us even included our pet dogs too!

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Ayaka, Maki and Ryoan.