Paper Mache Art and Monday gym

Good morning everyone! The weather was indeed beautiful. Buds class children were always ready for a great adventure and we felt that today we can go to the park as well. We started our day noticing our morning activities on our table. We saw the Ziploc colors and the salt tray. We also found some china and glass cup and some spoons. Some of our friends got so interested and they sat down by the table and began scooping the salt. They put them in the cup slowly so that we wouldn’t spill anything out of the tray. On the other table, we saw some newspapers. Our teachers told us that they needed our help to rip the paper off. Two of our friends sat down and they said that they were willing to help. So, they got some newspapers and our teachers showed us how to rip them off. We used our thumb and index finger to tear them easily. Some of us needed guidance so our teachers tore a little and then we continued ripping it off until the very end.

During our circle time, we started dancing with the song “Let’s move with our feet” We moved our body so much to the music and a few of our friends were saying that they’re a bit tired so we sat on the carpet and tried to cool down. When everyone was settled, we started singing the good morning song and “how are you today?” Next, we took off our shoes and put one foot up and down. We then put both feet up and down again. We wiggled our toes, did a tip-toe, hopped on one leg, and knocked our knees together. There were so many things that we could do. It’s very amazing how flexible and energetic we all were.

It was also our gym class today. So, we went to Petals classroom and met our gym teacher. To start off, we did our warm-up exercises and we stretched our extremities as much as we could because it is good for our tiny muscles to get used to the exertion that we’re going to have for the day. And then, we did the “high-five” game. Our teacher would ask us to give him a “high five” while he was on the other side of the play area. He blew the whistle and we all went to him to touch his hand. We also did a variety of actions like the frog jump, bunny hop and the bear walk. He also took out the mats and we started rolling on them as part of our exercise routine. We sang “head, shoulders, knees and toes” in Japanese. And many of our friends were still singing this during snack time. Lastly, we sat down and put our feet together. We shook our legs up and down just like a floating butterfly. Also, we sang the butterfly song in Japanese.

Yay! It’s park time! After many days of having a bad weather, today was a wonderful day to go outside. We went to the vacant area beside the park to play our “bubble game”. Our teachers asked us to hold our hands and made a BIG circle and a small circle. If our teachers would say, “BOOM!” It meant that we needed to chase after them and so we did! Some of our friends from Petals joined in too.

Thank you so much Ohana for a wonderful day again! We are always happy to be here because we experience valuable learning opportunities together with our friends.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016