Fire Truck, Fire Truck, We want to drive a Fire Truck.

Dear Flower Class parents, At last the sunshine is back. It was great to have a day without rain as today was a special day for all of us; yes ! the fire truck visit. We had a good free play time with lots of activities in the classroom. On the table we saw the big group artwork we have worked on with our feet, hands and fingers. Today we added lots of body and face part pictures. We cut out many pieces yesterday and started to glue them on this morning. It looks really good but a little spooky with the eyes non-matching etc. On the carpet area we made a huge tower with the Montessori blocks. It was so high it nearly touched the ceiling. Next to the blocks we played with the toy animals on the overhead projector. It made some great shadows on the wall. It was a lot of fun and we soon started to use our hands and bodies to make fun shadows. On the second table we managed to finish our 204 piece ‘Justice League’ puzzle. It was a little difficult at first but we had only a few pieces left to complete today. We needed to pack away the toys a little early as we knew the firefighters and the fire truck were coming this morning. After eating our yummy snack we got ready and then we saw the lady firefighter arrive with a junior firefighter friend (a mannequin). Together they told us all about being a firefighter and we then tried answering some questions. They showed us some pictures of places to play and many of them were not safe like in a car park, or on the edge of the balcony. We then got to high five the firefighter and went down to see the fire truck. It was very exciting and we saw the lights all flashing. We got to try on the firefighter’s uniform which was very heavy and their helmet too. We even got the chance to sit in the front of the fire truck for a photo. We took a group picture with our friends and then headed to the park. We were very excited. In circle time we looked at a book called ‘Skeleton, Skeleton’ which showed lots of animal skeletons which we tried to guess such as a snake, a frog and a bat. They all had a skull and lots of bones and so we decided to make a skeleton skull today. We practiced rolling a ball of play-dough and using a pencil to make the eye holes, the nose and teeth. Once we had practiced we used some art-clay to make the skull properly. We will let it dry and work on it more next week.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all again next week.

All our love, Darren, Ayaka, Maki and Ryoan.