What can you do?

Tomorrow for sure is going to be dry when the fire truck comes to visit Ohana. We think that all the plants, flowers, trees and nature have enough water to drink from the soil for a long time, after the endless rain. We had a great time in school this morning with lots of time for free play and plenty of time too for learning, in a more structured way with our teachers. We vary our special times during the day, when we sit together in small or large groups. Sometimes we sit at the activity tables together and sometimes we sit on the mat. We usually do both actually, every day when we come to school. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On arrival at school today, we saw that there were a variety of activities at the tables. Our teachers had set up cutting at one table; interesting looking stamps at another table (which Dominik used yesterday afternoon in Flowers Class) and the third activity was tearing colourful tissue paper and squeezing it into balls. We started off playing in the Imaginative play area; at the white table with small spoons, buttons and small wooden shapes; in the library; at the drawing table and on the mat with

blocks and Lego.

As you have seen from our earlier journals, you know that we love cutting and today was no


exception. During the latter part of the morning, we tried to cut up as many pieces of paper as we could. Some of the shapes were our own unique ones and some of them were specific squares and triangles. We added them to the piece of paper that we had put many stamps on. On one of our other activity tables we had pieces of soft tissue paper in many colours. We tore the paper into strips and then squeezed them into balls. We tried to squeeze them so tightly so that they became tiny. We will use tissue paper on our large group art work together with the faces that we drew today.

In order to personalize our large group art work which we are still working on, we decided to make faces and just before we finish the art work, we will add them to it. Tomorrow may be our last day working on it. Who knows? We sat with Shelley at the table and looked in the mirror to see our faces. We could also see Shelley’s face, so we saw double the things that we have on our faces. We have two eyes and she has two eyes so there were four; we have one mouth and she has one mouth so we had two mouths; it was funny to see. We then chose a circle and drew a


face on it.

We sang our regular songs about the days of the week, the different ways to say good morning in other languages and some actions. We counted ten children at school today and sang “Ten Little Fingers”. Then we hid our fingers behind our backs and sang “Tommy Thumb” and “Open them, shut them”. We played a game

with our colour puzzle. The pieces of puzzle are circles and we named them, guessed which one was missing and put them onto a wooden stick. They have a hole in the center which makes them easy to slide onto the stick. There is so much for us to write about in today’s journal. We had a great discussion about things that we can do. Shelley told us what she can do and then we tried to think of things that we can do. Shelley said: “I can cook dinner at home, what can you do?” We made a list and will write up about it for our mums and dads to see. Love always, all the children in Petals Class.