Our little aquarium is complete!

DSCN1606Fantabulous Friday!  The rainy day just won’t stop, will it? But most of our friends were wearing dazzling faces today when they arrived at Ohana. Yurika greeted everyone with a big “good morning” and all of us gave her a big DSCN1609hug. She is simply adorable because part of her personality always makes you smile in the morning. She looked at the table and saw the play dough set together with some peg and poms poms. Yuu came next. At first, he was looking for mommy but when he got inside the room, his face changed and he soon found some toys to play with. He then got the play dough set and used the rolling pin to flatten the dough. Then, Lucy came and she noticed that there were some wooden animal toys and to her surprise, there was also an ark where she can put the animals inside. She spent a few minutes playing with it and then proceeded to our morning activity table. Our teachers taught us how to make a cupcake (just a pretend play). We had some small cupcake paper holders and we put a ball of dough DSCN1615inside. And we inserted the small wooden sticks and pretended that there were candles.  Next, we sang “Happy birthday” altogether. It was so lovely to see how joyful we felt while singing the song. We truly love birthdays and giving presents to our friends. Kaia and Lucy couldn’t stop singing and they kept on requesting to sing the song DSCN1621over and over again.  After the short celebration of everyone’s birthday, we then went to our play areas and found some costumes for the day. Lucy asked if she could wear the “Tinkerbell” costume. Surely, our teachers got it for her and she cheerfully wore it with such elegance. But wait…the wings! Lucy further requested if she could have the wings as well.  She put them on too and when everything was ready, she looked in the mirror and admired how captivating she was. Ooopppsss! Her wings were not sturdy as they are supposed to be, they kept on falling behind. So, our teachers helped her out every time the wings would fall. She was very keen and requested her teachers to put it up for her again. Of course, she always said, “thank you”. DSCN1633            In our circle time, we started it with some music and movement activities. We sang “Here we go round the mulberry bush”. It was so hilarious because every now and then our teachers would stop and stay still when theDSCN1642 music stops.  And suddenly, the music would resume and all of us would jump back on our feet and dance freely. It kept on going like this for several minutes and we also asked our teachers to do it again. Rei-chan came and she preferred to stay back and observe. However, she sang beautifully and certainly enjoying every song that we performed today. Part of our music and movement activity was the bending and knocking of knees. Kaia, Yurika, Yuu and Lucy really had a wonderful time showing their dancing skills. We feel that our class is always filled with joy and laughter. Hence, we get so thrilled to be here every day. Music is definitely good for us because we learned to DSCN1671appreciate and love learning and discovering our talent. As we’ve said before, learning is fun and it is always beneficial for we stay connected and appreciated in the whole process. And being appreciated gives us more confidence and we feel that we contribute a lot to one another. As what the Ohana school song says…

Ohana school for me means love and family…DSCN1660

Friendship and caring

Learning and sharing

That’s what you’ll see!  DSCN1644           We also learned more about sea animals today. Our teachers put out some toys from the ocean creatures DSCN1655box. We saw the shark, dolphin, starfish, sea turtle, octopus, frog, clownfish and sea shell. And also, Mr. Scuba Diver was there and met each sea creature we learned. He was afraid of the shark because of its long sharp teeth. But Mr. Scuba Diver was funny for he always did silly things while under the ocean.

For our art, we finally finished our mini aquarium. We just did the jellyfish art. Some of us called it octopus but others insisted that they did a jellyfish. No matter how each one of us called it, that is okay. Creativity and imagination is very essential in our class because this is how we learn each day.

Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful day! It was a great week of summer school again and we hope to see you all next week Have a great day!

Lots of love,

John, Goh and Maryna