Sea Creatures with shimmering scales

Blue shark, blue shark, what do you see?

I see a green turtle swimming next to me.

Green turtle, green turtle, what do you see?

I see a yellow fish flying past me

Yellow fish, yellow fish, what do you see?

I see a big whale coming after me!

Today was all about the sea creatures! Dominik was very proud to come in first this morning. He had quickly finished all of his morning jobs by the time Kenichi arrived in class. Kenichi, who forgot to sign in, remembered when he saw Hana signing in and said “I want to sign in!!!” On the big table, we saw blue sheet of paper with scissors, sea creatures and pieces of paper. Jones and Dominik started to notice them and sat down quickly. We folded the paper in half and practiced to cut in wavy lines. Jones was having a little bit of a hard time to cut in waves and kept saying, “I’m not very good with scissors. I can’t do it…” But the little lines and gaps he had made with scissors turned out to be looking like bubbles which we thought was beautiful! When he had finished using scissors, Jones was very proud of his work tooJ

After cutting all the wavy lines, we pasted the sea creatures with glue. Hana lined up all the fishes while Kenichi decided to cut off one of the fish’s tale. Jeremy and Jessica, who were older than most of us, cut out their own fishes, jellyfish and octopus. Jeremy decided to let the Koinobori join in the ocean with the other friends and our teacher said “Why not?” with a smile. Weaving seaweeds was little challenging because thin tissue paper kept getting caught on our sticky glue covered hands but our entire ocean turned out to be very beautiful and unique!

After snack time, our teacher read us a book called The Rainbow Fish. It was a book about the most beautiful fish in the ocean covered in beautiful shimmering scales. Everyone admired the fish and called him the Rainbow Fish. But the rainbow fish was so arrogant that had lost all of his friends and had no one to show his beautiful scales anymore. Then he started to share his scales to his friends which felt very nice and was surrounded by many friends again. It was a long story but we enjoyed every moment of it.

After story time, we were all looking forward to go upstairs for some water play but when we had finished reading the book it started to rain!!! With the big shade of disappointment in our face, we decided to play with the plastic rails and puzzles which turned out to be so much fun! Before lunch, we played a little game. It was called “The Swimmy Game” We were all little fishes in the sea and our teacher was the big great shark. When the hungry shark called out a color we all had to go stand on the rug in same color. But what was different from other game was that we had to work in a team. If any one of us wasn’t on the correct rug, we would all be eaten. So we had to help each other. All of us cheered and helped Taiyo to come and join us and Taiyo was so happy that we were calling out his name. He joined us with a big smile every single timeJ

Also, we made sea creatures to add in on our great big sea. We picked a sea creature and put eyes and shimmering scales (sparkles) on it. Some of us helped our teacher by cutting out starfish, jellyfish, and fishes along the line that our teacher had drown already.

Hana saw Jeremy and Jessica drawing and cutting sea creatures and said that she wanted to make a mermaid as well. It was a beautiful masterpiece. Dominik also loved to color his jellyfish and didn’t want to stop. It was almost lunch time. The teacher explained that he could also finish it after nap time but the artist was not happy to be disturbed in the middle of his work. Jeremy, who made a green turtle from scratch decided to fold its leg to make a 3D turtle. Jessica, who inspired Hana to make a mermaid, had drawn out a beautiful mermaid princess and a rainbow fish covered in shimmering scales.

We wish we were all fish as well so that we still could have gone swimming even in the rain.

Have a great afternoon!

All our love, Maki and Liezel