Fun “Water play”

DSCN1413Hello Tuesday! The sun is up again and we are all ready for a new adventure. We know that our teachers DSCN1414prepared many activities for us and we can’t wait to start doing them and have fun! Yurika was early again and she did her morning jobs all by herself. Although she forgot to put water in her bottle, it was very nice for her to have the initiative on completing her routines in the morning. On our activity tables, we found some trays of artificial flowers, pine cones and dried chickpeas. Kaia and Yurika spent a long time using the tweezers and magnifying glass interchangeably. They were very curious and they love discovering things. After that, Rupert came and he got so excited when he saw the Lego blocks that he found on the floor. He prefers to play by himself for a few minutes and then he was inviting Yurika and Yuu to play and construct something with him. It was the very first time DSCN1423that we saw him inviting his friends to do some building construction together.  Ivory and Anneke arrived school almost at the same time. Ivory was observing the whole space in the classroom before engaging in our play DSCN1423activities. When we were singing the ABC song, Ivory came to the play area and sat quietly. Later on, she began singing and humming the tune. She loves to sing and we feel that she’s very settled in. We started our circle time with the “good morning” song. Kaia was so lively and she set a good example to her friends. “How are you today?” is one of our favorite songs. One by one, we got the opportunity of telling our friends that “we’re happy” or “we’re sad”. Most of us replied, “I’m so happy” which DSCN1424means being in Buds class is simply wonderful. Emma the bunny came to visit us today. She showed us how she can swim in the ocean and meet her friends along the way. Her friends are what we call “sea creatures”. They live in the ocean and they love to swim around and around.  When Emma was swimming in the deep blue sea, she DSCN1428saw a dolphin. It danced in the water like a ballerina. Next, the shark came with a big grin. He was showing his big long and sharp teeth. The clownfish was a silly fish because it kept on bumping on someone’s head when he swims. The sea turtle was pretty quiet but it also walked very slowly. Lastly, the sea horse came out extravagantly like a majestic king of the ocean.  We all noticed that his head looked like a horse’s head but his body was like a curly snake. We touched the sea animal toys one after another and we were so amused. Some of us giggled and enjoyed feeling the texture. DSCN1436And Yurika kept on repeating the sea animal names when it was her time to touch them. We then read a book about Marlin (Nemo’s dad) which was adapted from the Disney movie – Finding Nemo. However, the book depicted the story from Marlin’s point of view.

After our circle time, we went to our art table and painted the sea shells. We saw three trays of paint…red,DSCN1441 blue and yellow. The paint’s consistency was a bit thick but it was perfect in painting our sea shells. When we used the various colors, it made some alluring patterns.  We all created some lovely colorful sea shells and our teachers helped us to dry them outside the balcony. Rupert said that he had a magnificent time painting the sea shells. He used his paintbrush delicately and mixed the colors in order to make such dazzling designs. Yurika tried her best to use her brush but then again, she ended up working her art DSCN1444by manipulating the paint with her hands. Rei and Ivory gently applied the paint on their sea shells and they accomplished everything with ease. Anneke came back to Buds class today and she was totally amused by the painting activity. She waited to have more sea shells but we only have to have one for each.

Our library time is also one of the significant activities that we do in Buds class. Thus, we all sat down andDSCN1445 waited for our friends to finish cleaning up. When everyone was done, we listened to the book entitled, “Don’t hit”. The Little Dino was teaching us a lesson about using our helping hands instead of our hurting hands. We all understood what the story was about and we finally sang “Gentle Hands” in class. Maryna and Goh assiduously took care of us all throughout the day. Thanks to them, our summer school is getting better and better.

We went to our water play area upstairs and we all had a blast! It was so fun that even our teachers were having fun sprinkling water. When we felt the water droplets touching our skin, we delightfully thought and uttered “It’s raining…it is raining here!”

Thank you so much Ohana for another wonderful learning experience. See you all again tomorrow! Have a good day!

Lots of love,

John, Goh and Maryna