We were very excited this morning because our teachers told us that we are going up to the pool for the first time today!

Dominik and Hana came in together this morning and were trying to determine who the first one was. We came to conclusion that Hana was the one who took outside shoes off first and Dominik was the first to put inside shoes on. So we were both first and did our jobs quickly. Daiki came after a while and three of us started to play with big Legos. We didn’t actually connect the Legos but placed them on the floor very nicely like tiles.

We saw many colors on the big table along with a white paper plate today. There were red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white. Taiyo wanted to keep it simple and picked only blue and green. Hana painted every inch of the paper plate nicely with yellow and decided to add more color into it. Daiki, Gaby, and Arata thought of coloring the paper plate with white first, so we can get nice milky colored paint. Gaby enjoyed mixing colors to see how it changes every time she added another. She kept saying “Mix color. Changing!”, and continued on with her little experiment. Arata, who was also enjoying to see the color change, was amused that he made gray color on the paper plate. He liked this color so much that he kept on mixing and trying to get the same shade over the paper plate.

After the snack was the big event we have all been waiting for…THE POOL!!!! All of us changed and got ready very quickly just like our teacher had explained to do before our snacks because we were too excited to go up and couldn’t wait any longer. So, we quickly went up and splash ourselves in to the pool. The sun was scorching and water felt amazingly nice and cool. Our teacher had a shower connected to long hose and started showering the water over us. Hana and Arata loved it and kept coming under the water while Dominik and Daiki said “No thank you! Too much!”, but also kept coming back for more with the biggest smile on their faces. Taiyo was very cautious about playing in the pool. He didn’t like the shower or splashes we made. But he still liked the wet feeling of the water so he decided to sit on the green fake grass. Arata thought the grass were too hot so he started to water them but because of the burning sun, water got very warm immediately. Hana decided to water the little black stones in a bucket but just like the grass and our soaking hair, they all dried so quickly. Arata kept watering himself while Daiki used his hat to water the stones with Hana. Gaby didn’t like when teacher poured shower over her head but she enjoyed splashing water in the pool. She laughed when the splash caught our teacher and teacher was being silly screaming “NOOOOOO!” It was so much fun and we enjoyed every moment of it. We just can’t wait for another pool!

When we came back to class, our teacher read a gigantic Japanese book called, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Swimmy”. It was a book about little black fish who went out on the adventure in the sea. At the end of his adventure, he found some friends, and taught them how to swim together in a shape of big fish to scare the mean big fish away. Then, our teacher taught us about the different layers in the ocean and we decided to add the sand at the bottom of our ocean that we had started to make yesterday. First, we spread the glue across the white part of our paper then we take turn in sifting and sprinkling the sand with gold and silver glitter. The sand was so delicate and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfine, it went straight through our sieve.

Then, we added some glue on the blue ocean by sprinkling some blue sand and glitter. We all loved the feeling of the sand in our hands and had to wait for the container over and over again. However, Dominik was so gentle and kept waiting for his turn.

Now, we have beautiful ocean and the sand at the bottom. I wonder what we are going to add to our ocean tomorrow!

All our love, Maki and Liezel