Henry the Octpus with the water play

♪Henry the Octopus Lives down in the deep blue sea♪

Our theme of this week is: Under the Sea★ We explored different sea creatures who live near and under the water. We will work on a group art project throughout the week, each day adding bits to our “Under the Sea” art. Since it was such a hot day, we also enjoyed dipping our arms and fingers in the water up on the terraceJ

Miyu was the first one to come in to school who immediately found a tray of blue glittering salt – she loved the cool feeling of salt touching between her fingers. On the big table, Daiki and Kosei worked together to make a sea creature. The teachers had prepared different colored tissue paper and some white glue. We used our fingers to pinch two ends of a tissue paper to make strips. Then we used a paint brush to stroke over the strips of tissue paper on to a toilet roll until we could no longer see the white part. Some of us liked to use many different colors while others wanted to only use one color. Later, we cut out arms, stuck eyes and suckers to make our very own octopus. The small table with the cork mats, colorful shapes, nails and hammers was also very popular and busy. Lena made an ‘animal’ and Kosei filled up the whole mat with shapes.

Since it was a very hot day, our teachers suggested we have an early snack so we could go to the park earlier than we usually do. The heat was so strong at the park that we needed our teachers to spray water on us to keep us cool but we still love the park! Miyu, Daiki, Riko and Jones enjoyed playing with the bubbles. Gaby was happy playing with different sized balls under the shade. Kosei and Arata wanted to play tag game and the others wanted to play hide-and-seek. When Maki started to count to ten with the girls, the boys joined them to play hide-and-seek together. It is nice to see how some of our new friends are making friends. On the way back to school, Lena started to sing “What is your name?” and Hana responded, “My name is Hana”♪

For circle time, we talked about various sea creatures. Some of us were able to name a few. Jones named “sea horse,” “shark” and “fish”; Miyu named “dolphin”; and Kosei named “whale” and “snake”; Arata named “dragonfly” but the teachers were not sure if there are any dragonflies in the sea…Nanako then read a book called Commotion in the Ocean and we learned so many kinds of sea creatures from this book. When the teacher explained about the wonders of the deep sea, we all went quiet, curious to hear things that we have not yet seen. This world is full of things to learn about! After we used our head for imagination, we wanted to move our body - we played a game pretending that we were all octopuses swinging our arms and legs and when our teacher called out “shark,” we had to duck our head and body down so we would not get eaten by a hungry shark! We were all safe except for Arata who loved sharks that he decided that he wanted to be eaten instead.

For our last activity, our teachers divided us in to two groups. In the first group were Arata, Kosei, Jones, Hana and Lena who made hand prints on a big piece of white paper using light blue, dark blue and light green. Riko was a little hesitant at the start getting her hands ‘dirty’ but soon started to enjoy the colors blending while others were busy getting themselves ‘dirty.’ When this group went upstairs to play with the water trough, Kosei pretended the silver disks to be islands and started to sink them under the water. In the second group were Miyu, Daiki, Riko, Dominik and Gaby who played in the water first and enjoyed guessing names of the sea creatures and then came downstairs to complete the hand printing. Tomorrow, we will add sand to our work!

We missed Taiyo today and we hope he will get better soon. Many of us were so ready and eager to dip our whole body in to the swimming pool today that we hope to have a dip tomorrow if the weather stays beautiful!

Please keep cool and have a great afternoon!

All our love, Maki, Liezel, and Nanako