Raindrop colors and Welcome Lucy!

DSCN1295Hello Thursday! What a terrific day for Buds class again! The rain just never stops this week and it is indeed another day of indoor activities for us at Ohana. Ritsuka came early and she loves to see her teachers and friends all the time. After putting away her things, she went straight to our activity table where she found the play dough set. But wait…we noticed that we also had some popsicle sticks. We took out a handful from the plastic container DSCN1296and started using them to stick in the play dough. This activity was pretty good to test our grip and fine motor coordination. Yurika came next and she saw Ritsuka’s morning activity. She instantly joined in and got some popsicle sticks as well. Oopppss..Yurika, please do your morning jobs first. Sometimes, she gets a little excited and tends to rush things in the classroom. Nevertheless, she always listens to her teachers if she’s reminded about a certain task that she needs to do. Jack was also early DSCN1299and he’s always greeting us with a wonderful smile. After his teachers helped him with his morning routine, he quickly ran towards the activity table and found Mr. Potato head. He was clearly curious about this toy because he took the big head and examined it from up to down and left to right. He eventually sat on a chair and continued to look at some parts that we can attach on the potato head. Today, we also welcomed Lucy in Buds class. She is very adorable and quite independent. Mommy and herDSCN1301 brother came with her to see how our class was going. It was her first day so it’s okay for mommy to stay for a bit. And of course, we are all confident that she is a great addition in our class. Lucy noticed a picnic basket and she showed it to her mom. We feel that she loves to go on a picnic with friends. Hence, our teachers took out the picnic mat and lay it on the floor. Obviously, all of us got so excited because even the rain DSCN1304was pouring outside, we can still have our pretend indoor picnic. We asked Lucy to get us some food from her picnic basket. She didn’t respond at all but we know that she’s becoming interested with our simple but fun picnic activity. On the other hand, Yurika, Kaia, Ritsuka, Rupert, Alexandre and Ivory were so prepared and they even cooked some food from the kitchen play area and brought them to the picnic mat. Ritsuka said that she wanted to give some tea to her teachers. She made her version of tea concoction. She put some sushi, corn, and sashimi inside the cup and pretended to pour some hot water in it. Finally, she served it around together with Yurika. In this way, we are creating such a DSCN1308wonderful scenario that we can definitely learn from. Having this kind of creativity gives us more opportunity to explore more of our surroundings and understanding our friends’ and teachers’ feelings. This is certainly a milestone for social and emotional development of the children.

After our play time, we went to the library to read a few books for the day. We loved Clifford the dog books DSCN1309and it was so hilarious because our friend Clifford was very silly. We then made a big circle and danced the “Hokey Pokey Song.” We shook our hands, hips and legs. We also pretended to be like motorcycles. Thus, we all made the “bbbrrrrroooooommmm” sound while we’re going around in circles. Our teachers would say stop and imagine that there’s a bear coming after us. So, we started our engine again and zoomed fast around the room.DSCN1316

Wow! Our circle time was very amusing! Of course, it was time for us to cool down a bit so we all went to our art table and saw some bottles of spray paint, carton boxes and some sheets of white paper. Our teachers told us that we’re goingDSCN1313 to make some beautiful raindrop colors. We wondered what those were. They showed us how to do it by just using the spray paint slowly. We should always remember to stand our paper up so that the paint droplets would DSCN1314also create some marvelous patterns. When we began, it was so exciting and most of us got sprayed on our faces because of sheer joy and excitement. It was nice to see how we entertained ourselves and of course, practice our pinching skills with the actual spray bottle.  Lucy was always requesting to have her turn. She relished every minute of our art activity. Yurika, Ritsuka and Rupert were patiently waiting for their turn and they also sprayed the paint all over the place. It was a bit messy but that’s okay! Ivory, Alexandre and Kaia were on the other table and they also derive enthusiasm from our specialDSCN1317 activity for the day.

Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful day! And we hope to see you all again tomorrow! Keep dry on a rainy day and have a great time!

Lots of love,

John and Sayaka