Rainy clouds and the wind mill with lightning


Thursday 9th July

Jones was the first one to arrive in our class this morning and he greeted his friends with a big smile! We were so happy to see Kosei and Daiki because they decided to pop in unexpectedly. On the big table, we saw the blue bubble wraps and the gray bubble wrap-stamped paper. We cut the blue bubble wraps like the shape of a water drop and the gray bubble wrap-stamped paper like a cloud. Dominik, who saw his best friend Kenichi cutting the blue babble wrap, kept cheering him DSCF7834“Wow! That looks great. Good job Kenichi! Sugoine!” Thanks to Dominik, Kenichi was able to cut so many water drops, and it wasn’t very easy to do with all the curves. Daiki and Kosei decided to help Taiyo. Both of them were cutting the cloud and the water drop because cutting in curves was very challenging for some of our friends. Jones and Ami, who weren’t here and didn’t have their own clouds, wanted to join the craft so bad. They decided to use an extra piece of paper to cut the DSCF7840clouds out. Ami was focused the whole time. She cut out the clouds, drew the eye, and glued the eyes, cheeks and mouth. She diligently completed the long and complicated process!

DSCF7836Gabby, who kept saying “I don’t want to cut”, saw one of her friend’s happy smiley clouds. So, she decided to make her own happy clouds. When she dipped the yarn in glue and place it on the paper, she played with it a little by moving the yarn while making sad and happy faces. When she finally decided to place the yarn and made a happy face, Gabby clapped her hands with a smile and said “happy faceJ”. Hana also enjoyed putting the face on the cloud. She made a happy cloud that looks exactly like her! Can you see the resemblance in their smiles? All the rainy clouds were so cute, it is almost impossible to tell the rain to go away!

DSCF7849After snack time, our teacher read the book called “Gilberto and the Wind”. It was about a boy who played with the wind by racing with it in the meadow, sailing the paper sailboat in the puddle, letting the wind blow his soap bubble away or spinning the windmill with the wind. When the story was finished, our teacher asked us if we could see the wind. When we said that we can’t see the wind, our teacher took a piece of paper in front of her face and blow on to it. We saw the paper move and our teacher asked again, “Did you see the wind?” She also said that we can see the wind DSCF7858when the laundries are flattering; windmills are spinning and when trees and flowers are swinging. We thought it will be nice to see more wind, so we decided to make a windmill out of a pet bottle. First, we colored the pet bottle with permanent markers. This was fun and easy. Kosei thought that drawing graffiti on the faces of the newspaper were much more fun than coloring the pet bottles.

DSCF7859Cutting the pet bottle was a different story. We had to cut the pet bottles in spiral and we needed to keep our scissors in certain angle while spinning the pet bottle slowly and tryingDSCF7871 to cut through the hard pet bottles. With a lot of assistance from our teachers, we were able to finish our windmill. Hana, who decorated her pet bottle very nicely and didn’t want to cut all the way, decided to make a very small windmill. She left her fabulous art work as it is. While we took turns, we played with plastic rail and trains. We all played with it together. We made extra-large railways across the room! It was crowded a little but we were all able to share the space and trains so nicely!

DSCF7864Before lunch, our teacher showed us a short video of a lightning. She said the lighting was strong electricity in the sky. And if we were to touch it, we would get seriously injured. Then, she started to blow up a balloon. She rubbed the balloon on Dominik’s head while we all count to ten. DSCF7870When she lifted the balloon off his head, Dominik’s hair went straight up and kept following the balloon. She said that the electricity was causing to make Dominik’s hair go up. We counted to 50 while the teacher rubbed the balloon on Dominik’s head. She took out a light bulb and asked if we think it will light up or not. We turned the lights off and watched carefully. But we couldn’t see anything. She said that what caused the lightning and the hair to follow balloon, was the same kind of electricity but in DSCF7868different voltage. It was little bit difficult but we listened very carefully and quietly. Then, we each took turns to rub the balloon on our head for 5-10 seconds, and saw our friends’ hair go crazy. And of course, we had lots of laugh.

Have a great afternoon,

All our love, Maki, Liezel, Goh and Bill