The Creamy Cloud

DSCN1248What a phenomenal Wednesday! It was cloudy and gloomy outside but it was still a magnificent day for Buds class at Ohana. We began our day with Goh-san smiling like there’s no tomorrow. She has been very patient and wonderful and we hope to see her more in the classroom. She is like everyone’s grandma and we are simply magnetized by her charisma. Ritsuka came early today. She finished her morning jobs and immediately went DSCN1249further into the room to meet up with Goh and looked for some toys that she can play with. Goh-san was so kind because she helped Ritsuka set up the press-down ball box. Most of our friends really liked this toy. Yurika came too and of course, she did her jobs. After that, she sat down and started putting the puzzle pieces together. She chose the transportation puzzles and when she was done doing them, she said, “I did it!” with full of elation. Ritsuka found the baby doll in one of our boxes and she was trying to lull the baby to sleep. She enjoyed donning the necklaces and carrying the child around. Yurika was trying to copy her but we just ran out of necklaces and a small bed for the baby. Yuu-kun was beaming with joy when he came to Ohana because he is now fully settled in Buds class. Every time that he comes to school, he would call his DSCN1253teachers’ and friends’ one by one. It was so delightful to know how he has progressed so much in such a short period of time. He went to find the toy cars that we had on the floor. Ritsuka helped him placed the cartoonish map of Tokyo on the floor and then he started lining up the cars, trucks and a boat. Yurika was trying to help him out too but he said that he can do it himself.  So, Yurika understood and just looked at Yuu-kun’s parked vehicles. Alexandre was also happy to be here at Ohana.  He loves seeing the toys and his friends around and he simply DSCN1258settled in nicely for barely a month. Kaia and Ivory almost came at the same time. They finished their jobs and proceeded to find some things that they can do. Kaia liked the transportation play and Ivory went to the kitchen play area and found some pots and utensils to use. On our activity table, we saw some spoons, sheets of blue paper, glitter glue and the shaving cream tubes. DSCN1267Our teachers explained to us that we’re going to make a cloud. But ours was more like a creamy cloud because of the shaving cream. First, we counted the number of spoons on the table. We all said, “1…2…3…4…5…6...7!” We had seven spoons! Yurika, Kaia, Ritsuka were able to point and count all the spoons while the others observed attentively. It was so superb to know that we’re very good in counting the objects now. But we also wondered why we had seven spoons on the table. We then counted our friends, “1…2…3…4…5…6..!” Oops! We only had six friends. We still had one spoon left, whose spoon it might be? Ummm…we know! It was John’s spoon. We almost forgot about him.

In our art activity, we squeezed the glitter glue and then the liquid came out on our blue paper. We swirled the glue around DSCN1274gently. We had to make sure that we pinched really hard so that the glue would come out. With our teachers’ guidance, we were able to put enough glitter glue on our paper. After that, we used the shaving cream and poured just the right amount. Kaia was so delighted to try it so when we all had what we needed, we used our spoons and DSCN1275spread the cream and the glitter glue all over. It was so fabulous because our masterpieces really looked like clouds. Well done everyone!

During our circle time, we sang the “Pinocchio song”, the song was also about the body parts and the difference between left and right. We all sat down and reviewed the different types of weather that we have learned previously. We also saw some pictures and drawings of them. We really adore the weather book that has magical transparent pages. The illustrations are so fantastic to look at. Our teachers also played the sound of the rain and thunder. We were very curious about it and we listened quietly as the thunder roared and the rain whirred.DSCN1277

DSCN1288            Yay! We went to the park today! We waited for Flowers class and it was so incredible to be with them. They’re like our big sisters and brothers. We thought that it was going to rain because we felt a little bit of raindrops on the way to the park. But when we reached our destination, the rain gave us favorable amount of time to play with our friends and teachers. Thank you so much Ohana for the great day again! See you all tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John and Goh