Water play and the Snowy story

DSCN1219Hello Tuesday! What a wonderful day! It was cloudy outside and we all arrived at the school peacefully and DSCN1225happily. As we said “bye” to our parents in the morning, we walked further into our room to find some toys that were waiting for us. Yurika, as always, was first to arrive. She patiently looked for something to do. After doing her morning jobs, she went to the kitchen play area and started looking for some pots and plastic food toys that she can play with. Jack and Rupert came with a beautiful grin. They went inside the room full of wonder and excitement to be with their friends again. Jack has settled in amazingly. His brother Jones went upstairs to Flowers class because he will be spending some time with us at Ohana too. Jack needed some help in doing his morning routine and we feel that he will be learning these things more in the future. He delightfully went to the play area DSCN1234and found some Lego blocks. And a few minutes later, we saw him putting on some necklaces and stayed in the library with Ivory. Ivory was also trying to put on the necklaces and they just interacted with one another and looked at each other’s ornament. On our art activity table, Yurika was sticking all the handprints that she did DSCN1235from yesterday. She also patiently listened to her teacher’s instructions on how to do the activity. When she has finished sticking them all, she realized that she just made a sun. She had a big orange circle and her handprints were pasted around the circle. Kaia did the same. She was very good in putting and spreading the glue on the back of the paper. She gently applied a little bit of glue and delicately placed the print on the big sun. She said that it was so “nice”. Her teachers asked her what she just made and she replied proudly, “It’s a sun!” Ivory, on the other hand, quietly worked on her sun art too. She was very cooperative and followed the teacher’s guidance.  She learned how to use the spatula (the thing we used in getting the glue) and she gladly stuck the cute tiny handprints that she did yesterday. DSCN1243           We had a great circle time! We started off with the “Hokey, Pokey song” and we learned about our body parts. We shook our hands, legs and hips and Kaia was laughing all throughout the song. She somehow DSCN1245influenced her friends with her energy because we were all dancing and going around the classroom. Surprisingly, Rupert was even shaking his body like dancing maracas.  Mary the Moose and Emma the Bunny were with us again. They talked about the different types of weather like sunny, stormy, rainy and snowy. One sunny morning, both of them went out to play at the park. But later on, the rain came and they had to put on their raincoats and took their umbrellas. The rain has stopped and it started to get cold. The snowflakes were falling and it was about time to change clothes. So, they have decided to put on their winter jacket and scarves. It was then that they felt a little warmer from the inside. Emma and Mary were very hilarious because they made some funny dance movements that we all love. We are really looking forward for their next adventure tomorrow.

DSCN1247          After snack time, Rupert, Jack and Yuu did their sun art as well. Since that they were not here yesterday, we decided to give them time to experience the fun activity about color combination of red and yellow. Rupert was so fascinated when he put his painted hands together. He said, “It’s orange!” And we all thought that his facial expression was a bit funny and entertaining. We also had the water play activity outside. It was not raining so our teachers set up the water tub and put some junk art water boats and some fishing game plastic toys. We also noticed some cups that we can use for getting water. But we were instructed not to spill any water out of the tub. Jack got so excited and he splashed the water up and down. Everyone got wet because we feel that his arms were very strong that it made a big “splish, splosh” right in front of us.

That was a fun day at Ohana International School again! We just love being here and enjoying the rest of the summer. See you all tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John and Sayaka