Rainy and fun day with our friends

DSCN1169Good morning Monday! The rain is out there again, pouring so hard and it is pretty obvious that we can’t go outside today. We love going to the park but I guess, we just have to wait a DSCN1172little bit longer so that we will be able to go and play by the slide and on the swing. Yurika came early today and she was so excited to see her teachers. She was actually looking for Nanako but unfortunately, Nanako will be with the bigger kids today. Never worry! Goh-san is here with us and we all know her very well. She is very patient with us too. Taiga came with a big smile on his face and he greeted his friends with DSCN1173a nice “good morning”. Taiga and Yurika went to the circle time corner and found some Lego train carriages. They tried to connect them altogether, just like a regular train. And a few moments later, Yurika went to the kitchen play area where she got the steel pot. She put the corn inside and got the plastic ladle. She pretended to be a cook and she kept asking her friends and teachers, “Do you want this?” Some of us said DSCN1182“yes” but others replied “No, thank you!” Kaia came with happy face too. She went further inside the classroom and found some Lego helicopter and Lego police car. She kept on mumbling the word “helicopter” and “police car”.  And then, we all went to our activity tables for our play dough activity. Yurika chose to use the lacing board and put on the laces. Taiga said that he’s making a cake while John was making a long line that looked like a snake. Taiga made a butterfly molding and he was telling DSCN1183John that he just made a butterfly. We kneaded the pizza dough and it was about time to put some toppings. Taiga said that he wanted to put some tomatoes. And Yurika said that she wanted to put the bear. We were all surprised by what she said. And then, she went to find the bear from the toy containers and she put it on the table and pretended that the bear was eating the pizza. And we’ve realized that she didn’t want to put the bear on the pizza dough after all. The bear just wanted to eat the whole pizza! In our circle time, we talked about the weather today. We all looked out of DSCN1194the window and we all knew that it was raining so hard. So we sang, “Rain, rain, go away” and “It’s raining today” song. We also learned about our feelings and most of us said that we are having a great time at Ohana. We also counted our fingers from one to ten. We put our hands on the floor and sing…

We wiggle our fingers, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle…

We put our hands up and we jiggle, jiggle, jiggle…

We put our hands down and lay them on the ground.

And we all go to sleep…zzzz….

DSCN1195          That was really fun! Also, we heard the story of Mary the Moose. She likes to play outside and she also puts on different clothes for the day. When she went outside, she saw that it was sunny outside. She puts on her hat and ready to go. But when she was about to step outside, the rain came, she instantly got inside the house and took her hat off. She put on DSCN1196her raincoat and got her umbrella. She said that she’s ready to go but she saw from her window that it was a sunny day again.  So, she solved her problem by putting her hat, raincoat and bringing her umbrella all at the same time.

DSCN1201            On our art table, we saw the red and yellow paint. Ivory was very ready to use the paintbrush to start painting. But our teachers said that we’re not going to use the brush but our hands instead.  We put the red paint on the left hand and yellow paint on the right. John said that DSCN1211we’re going to do some magic, he said that we needed to mix the colors by putting our painted hands together. And after a while, we found out that we just made “orange”. It was very amazing.

Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful learning experience today and we hope to see you all tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John and Goh