What we like about earth

DSCF7664It was the last day of our “Stars and Moon” theme today. And today’s topic was our favorite planet. EARTH! There was a circular shaped piece of blue paper and green paint on the table, so it wasn’t very hard for us to figure out what we were going to make. We used a roller to spread the paint across our hand. Since we had used rollers last week, it was very easy for us to put a hand print on the paper using rollers. After putting our handprints on the paper, we dipped our finger in the paint and made some finger prints around it. Then we sprinkled green glitter and colored sand on it to make it look like forests. DSCF7651In the kitchen area, Tokutaro and Kosei were playing chess. Because our teacher didn’t know DSCF7653anything about chess, we tought her what each piece was called. We didn’t finish the game because all the pieces decided to go to lie down and sleep in the middle of the game.(We swear, it wasn’t us!) Kai, who was trying to complete the skeleton puzzle decided to use the skull as a mask to scare his teachers off. It worked very well, it was almost like early Halloween! Riko finished her favorite alphabet puzzle just in time for the clean up.

DSCF7673After snack time, our teacher asked us what we wanted to play with. We allDSCF7669 picked puzzles, Lego blocks and dice blocks just like yesterday. Riko and Jessica were building a tall tower, and sorting blocks by their color. There were mostly four blocks in each color, but some had only two or one block. Arata and Jeremy played with the Lego block transport and pretended that they were robots. Tokutaro made a camera with Lego blocks, and went around the class to take photos of everyone in the class. Kai borrowed the camera and took some pictures of Tokutaro for him.

DSCF7677 DSCF7678 DSCF7675

DSCF7684Our teacher read three books today, and one of them was called “Earthdance”. DSCF7685The book was about, forests, rivers, mountains, icebergs, cities, cars, birds, insects, animals, people, day and night, summer, winter, dancing and singing, talking and holding hands… About pretty much everything on the earth. Then we went to the table and drew the things we like on earth. Kosei’s favorite was police cars and officers. Arata, Toku, Kai and Jeremy all drew Lightning McQueen and/or cars, while Gabby wrote letters of the alphabet while singing the “ABC song”. Riko drew her family, and Jessica drew an airplane and a flower. Kai scribbled and glued on some origami paper, because that was his favorite thing to do on earth; draw and glue things.

We hope there will be more variations of weather other than cloudy and rainy next week, since our theme will be “How’s the weather, reporter”. As much as we like the rain, it wouldn’t be so much fun to report about rain every day…

Have a great afternoon,

All our love, Maki, Liezel, and Bill