Stargazing and Emma the Bunny becomes an astronaut

DSCN1058What a wonderful day! We certainly love coming here to Ohana and it was nice to be with our friends again. Our day is always filled with excitement, love and caring from our friends and teachers. We started the day by doing our special activities. Yurika, Sofia, Rupert and Alexandre sat down by our activity tables. We worked on our mini-DSCN1064telescopes. Our telescopes came in various colors. The cellophane makes the vision red, blue, yellow and green. We looked into our telescopes and it was so funny that our friends looked silly because their faces can be seen in different colors. Yurika first started using the orange watercolor marker. She scribbled along the sides of the handle. Sofia, Rupert and Alexandre seriously worked on their telescopes and after that, they proceeded to make some glittered stars which was also the activity from yesterday. Rupert also did the same and they both got the glitter sprinklers and poured some shiny DSCN1073glitters on the glued star. Sharee was also playing with our play dough. She said that she’s molding different shapes for baking. She loves to make cookies and of course, we played with her as well. She was guiding and encouraging us all the way. In our circle time, we sang our “Good morning song” and we talked about the weather for today. Most of us DSCN1074thought that it was sunny early in the morning but we found out that it was actually cloudy. Hence, we sang “The Cloudy Day song.” We also talked about our feelings. We got the happy card and the sad card. We all had a chance to choose from the two cards and most of us told our teachers that we’re happy. Then, we learned that the outer space can be so dark and you can only see the stars, sun and moon. Emma, our friend bunny, is back to have an amazing adventure for today. She chose her favorite shape which was the star DSCN1084before she went to bed. In her sleep, she dreamt of becoming an astronaut. She put on her space suit and of course the glass helmet. And off she flew using her mini-rocketship to the outer space. But she was a bit disappointed because she couldn’t see any stars. So, she asked help from Buds class to put the big star, medium-sized star and small star on the blank and dark space. Our friend Emma the bunny said “thank you” and she wanted to go back home. We feel that she was very tired and we all said goodbye to her. She got on her rocket ship and back to her house. We then turned off our lights and got our telescope and looked up on theDSCN1079 ceiling. We saw many, many stars. Some were shiny, some were glowing. They were all fantastic! What a marvelous stargazing activity!

DSCN1085            We went to the park today. And we grabbed some sand box tools and started making a mountain. Ivory and Yurika liked to go to the slides and swing. Rupert got the big toy truck again and he moved it around the park. Thank you so much Ohana for the fabulous day. See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Sharee