Final Practice

DSCF6698This morning when we arrived in class we saw on the main table lots of craft materials including cardboard, paper shapes, jewels, wooden butterflies, paint markers and plastic buttons. There was also a big box of junk art materials but when we looked at the cardboard we noticed there were square holes in the center of each one and they looked just like big photo frames. We decided to decorate the cardboard to make picture frames. First we used the paint markers to put the DSCF6700color onto the frame background and then later added the DSCF6701jewels and other decorative pieces using white glue. We will leave them to dry for a while and continue decorating them further tomorrow morning. We need to do a picture to go in the middle of the frame next. On the carpet were the play cubes that we used last week and soon Eito and Alexis were working out how to open them to play with. Alexis soon moved on to the big whiteboard and did a great drawing of a princess using lots of colors to draw DSCF6704DSCF6708stripes on her dress. On the games table Marc and Tokutaro played the memory game where they needed to remember where matching pictures are located under colored caps. Jennifer wanted to play chess and although she was a little unsure of all the moves she played a great game with Darren. After packing away the toys we got ready for the park and arrived before it got too hot. We played tag, used the slide and DSCF6717several of us played the grasslands lion running game in the netted area. We needed to return to theDSCF6715 classroom quite soon as we have our gym classes with Miyashita Sensei on Monday’s. We did our usual warm up by jumping, wiggling our hands, stretching and balancing. We are good at the ‘Bridge’ pose now and we all managed to count to 10 while holding the pose. We then played a walking, running and jumping game where we needed to DSCF6723listen for the whistle and stop immediately upon hearing it. We practiced our rolling and hopping skills on the mats too. After we had finished the gym class we all got ready andDSCF6718 did our final practice for the party and graduation tomorrow. We will be singing songs and playing games too. We are really excited and also looking forward to seeing Noa, Ethan, Ryan and Olivia tomorrow. We hope they can all make it to this special event. Have a great afternoon,

All our love, Darren, Ayaka & NanakoDSCF6727