The Busy Bee

    DSCN0139     Fantastic Friday! We are always delighted to stay at Ohana. We started our day with our favorite toys and playing with our friends. Nanako stayed in Buds class and we are very glad to have her with us too. The last time she came to Buds class, we instantly liked playing DSCN0141with her. She’s very patient to us and she guides us whenever we need to, just like what Sayaka and Maki do every day. We had some puzzle activities on our activity tables but most of us went to the library and got the big stuff toys. Sofia and Alexa enjoyed riding on them and we also had fun watching them with their pretend play. Yuu was so interested with the Styrofoam balls that we had on our activity tables and we told him that he can color them for our spider project. Yurika did some coloring too and she enjoyed using the Posca markers on the balls.

Kaia, Alexa and Rei were so busy doing the construction activity and we also had some puzzles pieces on the other table. Nikolas patiently put them together. He was fixing the school bus puzzle. He was having a great time and all of us were glad to spend this special time together. Taiga also was very busy helping them with the construction. He loved helping his friends all the time.

DSCN0157          During our circle time, we saw that John was holding the triangle sound shape. We love playing with the sound shapes because they make a loud sound once you tap and play some creative rhythm with it. They don’t look like regular drums but they make the same sound as what the big drum does. We passed the triangle sound around and we tried making three tapping sounds. Rei was so interested and she looked at the instrument really carefully while she played it softly. Chloe, still with her birthday crown on, was so attentive and she waited patiently for her turn. We said hello to our friend bees again. So, we sang “Where is the beehive?”. We counted the bees from the beehive and sadly we only saw seven bees. The last time we counted them it was ten. The other three bees flew away DSCN0159today but our teacher needs to find them to make our beehive toys complete. While we played with our little friends, we made a buzzing sound just like a bee and then we stopped every now and then. After that, we read a book with the title “The Busy Bee”. The story was about the bees who were getting the nectar from the flowers to make some honey. And we all know that bees are very good in making honey. Mr. Blue Jay suddenly appeared and then he warned the bees that Mr. Bear is going to take their honey DSCN0162away. Then, the bees went off to go where Mr. Bear was. And they begged him not to finish all the honey that they made. But Mr. Bear instantly replied, “This honey is worth sharing. Don’t you worry little friends, I will share this to my bear friends and I know they will enjoy it too. It was a great story and we feel that the DSCN0166pictures from the book were very nice too. We sang more songs and of course, our favorite Skidamarink simply describes how we treat each other in Buds class.

We went to the park again. And we just love discovering more things around. We also looked for some spider webs again and on the way back to school, we found a lot of spider webs inside the holes from the walls. Thank you so much Ohana for such a wonderful day again. We hope to see you all again next week.

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Nanako