Friday with friends and Show and Tell

It was a fun day in school today and even though we didn’t go to the park, we had so many things to do in class. We needed to work on our main project, our 3D art works, which needs to be done one on one with our teachers. Shelley sat with each of us individually and we discussed the theme of our backgrounds, what we were going to put in the foreground and we started to OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

draw and create our unique scenes.

We have our drawings up in our classroom as we


cannot put them inside our workbooks/portfolios because they are 3D; and we don’t want to squash them. We chose the theme of our choice and our themes were interesting and varied. We had the zoo, the airport, a road, a mountain, a city, a pool etc. We decided with clarity which things we drew were in the


foreground or background. We really enjoyed learning about perspective and how things look in life.

At the second activity table, we pasted all the photos of our shop that we cut out yesterday, into our workbooks/portfolios. We have some text with it, explaining about how the shop evolved and what we did when we created it, in our dress up corner. The third activity that we did at the tables was more in the


form of a discussion. Hisami asked us what we learnt in Petals Class and what we can do now, that we have come to the end of the school year. She did this individually as well and we told her about the many achievements that we feel proud of e. g. writing our name, feeding ourselves, reading a book, going back home by bike, sharing toys with my friends and much, much more. This is our last page in our workbooks/portfolios, which we will give to our parents as a gift at the end of our End of Year party. We practiced singing


some of our songs for the party, and today we sang them together with the CD. We also practiced our Japanese song, which isn’t on the CD because when Shelley made the CD, she couldn’t remember the words of the song in Japanese, at that time.


Hisami taught us the notes of the scale on the piano. She played them and sang “do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do”. Then when she did the roll call, she sang our names and we sang them to her.

Thanks for a busy week filled with fun, learning and love.

We trust that our parents and teachers will have a great party tonight.

See you on Monday and have a great weekend!

Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel