Animal Houses

DSCF6615This morning we were so excited to see some play huts all joined together on the carpet area. There were 4 huts all joined with holes in the sides to climb in and out of and also lots of plastic balls. Next to the play huts wee the two boxes of soft animals which we love to play with. We were soon all in amongst the balls having fun with the toy animals and our friends. On the small table there were some DSCF6617colored wooden shapes which we haven’t seen or used before. Kosei decided to make a picture using the pieces and soon had lots of pieces laid out in the shape of a wiggly orange, pink and yellow caterpillar. DSCF6619On the main table there were 4 different kinds of small beads which Jennifer, Alexis, Jennifer and Riko used to make small bracelets or necklaces for their mothers. Soon the teachers discovered there was another play tent in the classroom and Adam, Tokutaro, Wesley and Marc all wanted to help put it together to play with. They had to start by firstly working in pairs and extending and fitting the 2 poles DSCF6628together. They managed this quite easily and needed to keep the DSCF6629poles on the ground so that we didn’t hurt any of our friends. Next in our pairs we carefully pushed the poles through the tubular structure until it came all the way out of the tubes and inserted the ends into the holders. The teachers then helped bend the poles to make it stand up independently. We then attached the tent to the four other play structures and began to fil it with balls, animals and of course our good friends. We kept the balls in the DSCF6630DSCF6636play tent for tomorrow so that we can use them again. It was like a camping trip. The whiteboard easel was also very popular today with Riko, Adam and Tokutaro all doing some beautiful drawings too. After packing away the toys we checked the calendar in Japanese and English again. We are getting very good at knowing the days, date and months in both languages now. We ate our yummy snacks and then headed for the park DSCF6642together. It was warm but the sun was hiding behind the clouds today which was a bit better. WhenDSCF6639 we came back from the park we immediately started our graduation party practice by singing nicely and doing the actions to our songs. We are still keeping the party activities secret and are really looking forward to showing everyone next week at the party. Have a great afternoon,

All our love, Darren, Ayaka & ShareeDSCF6644