William L's Show and Tell

Shelley said that she thinks that no one read the journal from yesterday. The reason for this was that she made a mistake with the date, and she was sure that someone would have told her about it. It said that yesterday was Saturday but yesterday was Monday. That’s silly! We don’t go to school on a Saturday, but maybe Ohana will have Saturday school one day. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Today we continued to make preparations for our shop because we hadn’t completed everything. We made more shelves for food and placed the food from our food box there. We even have a refrigerator section and a freezer section, for ice cream. We have frozen pizza too and need to heat it up at home, if we buy it. We


spent part of the morning making a cash register together with a barcode reader. We used boxes, paper, markers, and we made an almost exact replica of a one that we saw in a photo. We noticed that there are a few dials, numbers and other buttons and slots. We also made some more coins and this time we wrote the number five on them.

We spent a long time making all the parts that go together to make the cash


register and chatted to our teachers and friends while we were working. Our teachers love it when we show an interest in something as this inspires them and they come up with some amazing ideas.

While we were making the cash register some of our friends were sitting in the shop area with Shelley and Liezel, looking at all the things that we have in our


shop. They wrote them down and made signs which we attached to the shelves. This helps us not only, when we need to find the items that we want to buy but also when we pack away, after we have played. All of things that we do and learn about in class can be extended into another learning experience. Our shop has taught us about numbers, new vocabulary, social skills and how to work together as a team to make something that is shared, planning and preparing, how to pay attention to detail e. g. when we go into a shop, we can


look at the shelves and what is on them; how they are organized and if there is anything that we can add to our shop etc. Manuel chose the name “Ohana Shop” and we placed the sign in the front of the shop. We are having so much fun and we wish that the year was not coming to an end so soon, so that we can continue this. In the meantime, we are going to have lots of fun….

We completed reading “The Enormous Crocodile” and were so curious about what was going to happen. We realized that the


elephant, hippopotamus, roly poly bird and monkey were going to save the day; and in the end, the crocodile became like a green rocket flying off to space and when it hit the sun, it was cooked and sizzled like a sausage. Bye bye enormous crocodile!

William L had Show and Tell this morning and he brought along his book all about “Shinkansen” or Bullet trains in English. Some of us have been on a


shinkansen before and we remember that when we went to the railway museum, we saw some really old ones. William L showed us many pictures of shinkansen with different names and numbers. He told us that he went on the shinkansen to Kyoto.

Today some of the girls dressed in shawls that our teachers made into long dresses. They spent a large


part of the morning, wearing their long dresses. Once again, our teachers know how to feed and nourish our interests and make us happy at school, each day.

Enjoy the beautiful afternoon and we look forward to eventually going shopping tomorrow. Maybe we have to go to the bank first, to get some money.

Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel