Animal Faces

DSCF6553We started our morning by repotting our little Texas Bluebonnet seedlings we got from Adam’s grandparents recently. The seeds took a long time to start growing but have just begun to get a little bigger. We began by putting some stones into the bottom of a plant pot and then put in a little soil to cover the bottom. We then took the seedlings out of the big pot and had to be very careful not to break the roots off. We worked together to hold the little plant upright while we added some soil to the area around the seedling to support it. Once we had put them into new potsDSCF6555 we put them onto the balcony and gave them each a little water to help them grow. DSCF6559Once they are ready we will move them up to the 3rd floor balcony with the rest of the flowers and plants. On the second table we saw lots of books all about animals. There were books about predators, farm animals, arctic animals, wolves and lots of other creatures. Alongside the books there were what looked like big crayons but Ayaka then told us they were actually face paints. Wow, we were so excited! We decided which animal we wanted on our faces or on our arms and then Ayaka looked up some samples to show us and started applying the DSCF6560paint. The first to try was Tokutaro who wanted a leopard. It looked really good DSCF6561and as soon as the rest of us saw the results we wanted to try too. At the end of free play-time we took a group photograph showing our wonderful faces and arms. Wesley did a nice picture to go in his new photo frame on the wall using colored pencils and stamps. On the carpet the toy trains were popular as well as the toy cars with Eito, Adam and Marc. After packing away the toys we ate our yummy snacks and headed for the park before it got too hot. We played a great game which Sharee showed us how to play. We all stood at one end of the DSCF6563DSCF6564netted area and one of us was the ‘Lion’. We had to ask to cross the grasslands to the other side and the lion said “Only if you are wearing….(Color). We then ran to the other end of the area but had to avoid our friend the lion. It was very hot and so we made sure we had a water break. After getting back to the classroom we did some more practice for the end of year party & graduation. We sang some songs in English and Japanese (we would like to tell you but it’s a secret). Finally we played a game we love and are all familiar with,’ Musical Chairs’. We each needed a chair and made a square with them today to take up less space.DSCF6570 DSCF6573The final round was between Eito and Adam….all our friends were cheering for them and Eito was victorious. It was very close and we were so happy to see Adam smiling and showing his manners and gentleness. Well done Eito and Adam! Have a great afternoon

All our love, Darren, Ayaka & Sharee