The Little Beautiful Butterfly Art

DSCN9849Fantastic Friday! Everyone from Buds class are ready for a great exploration today. It was nice to see our friends greeting us with a big good morning. Yurika began to play with the slime that we made with Maki. She loved to try many things lately and she’s showing so much confidence in her. She likes to talk to her teachers and play jokes on her. Taiga and Rei came too and they instantly looked for the toy fire truck. Taiga loves the fire truck and he’s so happy to see his friends at Ohana as well. Chloe also arrived at school and after doing her morning jobs, she played with a smallDSCN9853 Hello Kitty toy. Then, she asked Sofia and Lisa to go with her in the corner of the room, just below the musical instrument shelf. Our teachers asked them what they were doing and Sofia replied, “House”. It meant that they were staying inside their house. They stayed there for several minutes, giving one another a sweet smile. In our circle time, we talked about the food that the different insects eat and drink. The butterflies drink nectar from the flowers. The ladybugs eat aphids and the caterpillars eat leaves. Our teachers DSCN9866called our names one by one and asked us to identify which insect eats what food. Most of us knew that the butterflies like to drink nectar from the flowers, so we placed the butterfly beside the flower. Yurika can name all the insects and she is still learning to match them with the food that they eat. Chloe was very quiet but she also knows the topic that we were talking about. After our short lesson, we sang “gentle hands” and “gentle voice”. Lisa was actively showing her love to her friends by simply giving them a hug and holding their hands one by one. She loved it and it took a few minutes for her to finish giving her hand and a big hug to everyone.

We went to our activity tables and we saw that our teachers made beautiful flower illustrations. We got our posca markers and we began doing our own design on our paper. After we finished, we DSCN9888started pasting our butterflies. We only needed to paste only half of the butterfly so that the other half would stick out and would give an impression of a three-dimensional art. Chloe was very careful in pasting her butterflies and she seemed to be very concentrated in every art work that we’re doing in class. Rei-chan needed a little bit of help in pasting the different colored butterflies. Yuu-kun was so attentive too for he made a good color combination of red and yellow for our flowers. We also noticed that Alexa pasted many pieces of butterflies on her paper and she made it sure that she glued them very carefully.

DSCN9890         We went to the park again today. And we loved spending our time with our friends. We met Sofie at the park and Sofia, Taiga and Rei greeted her with a big hello. Everybody went to their favorite park equipments. We loved going up and down the small slides. Alexa can climb up the wall with the holes to grab and step on. She is still learning how to master this skill. And Chloe tried it too and she was also good at it. Taiga loved playing with the monkey bars and he stayed there for several minutes before heading off to theDSCN9895 big slide. Shelley was there too to play with us. We really love interacting with her and Yurika was always calling her name “Shelly, Shelley”.

It was a good day! And we are very happy DSCN9897to have our friends and teachers around. Hope to see you all again on Monday! Have a great weekend!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki