Abstract coloring, making slime, caterpillar story

DSCN9784Terrific Thursday! Ohana School is a place where we can have fun and learn at the same time. We love coming here and we can’t wait to see what expedition we’re going to have again for today. Dominik, Yurika and Ritsuka came first and they liked to do some role-playing activities in our class. Dominik was so busy DSCN9786cooking yummy food for his friends while Ritsuka and Yurika got their mobile phones, purse and necklaces. As they walked around the classroom, they were pretending that they were calling their parents. Yurika was also showing off her beautiful slippers. When Sofia came, she did her morning her jobs and began to play with Dominik. She put her hat on and brought the baby around the DSCN9790classroom. Kaia and Alexa sat beside each other and they took out some cars and moved them along the road. Lisa and Nikolas were very interested in playing with the Lego blocks. Leanne became very curious again about her butterfly mosaic activity. She picked out the DSCN9792pink cellophane cut outs and she pasted them all on the laminating sheet. In our circle time, we started doing some small body actions like rolling of hands, tapping DSCN9794on the lap, clapping and stamping. We loved doing these activities because it gave us more energy during the day. Then, John showed the toy microphone and we all started making sounds and singing songs one by one. Dominik was so confident in copying the sounds that he can hear. And heDSCN9799 later sang the ABC song. Our teachers gave us our own turn as we moved the microphone around. Kaia sang “Baa, baa black sheep”, and Ritsuka also sang the alphabet song. Alexa was so curious about the toy microphone and she tried to sing with it but she changed her mind and maybe next time she’ll sing more.

DSCN9803         After the circle time, we went to our activity tables to have our group teaching. Maki was with Yurika, Rei, Nikolas and Sofia. John made an abstract painting with Lisa, Alexa and Ritsuka and Sayaka had a story time with Kaia, Chloe, Dominik and Leanne. We really had fun activities. With the slime making, Maki showed us the different materials. We used some water, cream of tartar, cornstarch and some food coloring. Maki gave us some cream of tartar and she put them on the table. It was very funny because some of us had powder on our faces. On the other table, John gave big DSCN9805sheets of construction paper and different painting colors. He put some thick droplets on our paper and we slowly spread the color with our toothbrushes. Lisa, Ritsuka and Alexa were very happy doing this painting activity because DSCN9804they loved combining colors. And in the library, Sayaka read a story about the Very Hungry Caterpillar. We also listened how the caterpillar turned into a butterfly. Dominik said that the butterflies can fly and when Sayaka asked us if we could fly, we couldn’t answer right away but Leanne spread her arms and slowly flapping them up and down – she was pretending to fly.

DSCN9822            The group activities for today were so amazing and we loved doing them more each month. We arrived at the park and we’re very happy to see the sun today. We loved the bright sun and the park was not really crowded. First, we chased some bubbles outside and Alexa was so happy popping them one by one. Lisa was quietly playing beside the small puddle of water. She was trying to dip her fingers in the puddle but she decided to get some tools from the sand box. Yurika and Alexa were at the small garden and they DSCN9834both liked to help Darren in watering and looking at the flowers. They got the water spray and tried to spray it in the air. They loved the feeling of getting the water on their hands and faces. We also noticed the Kaia, Chloe and Sofia were holding hands at the park and they have created a special bond together. Dominik and Alexa joined the group and they played the bubble game.

DSCN9840        Thank you so much Ohana for the great day that we’re having all the time. We love being here and we hope that we can always come here and spend more time with our friends and teachers. Hope to see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki