The Counting Butterflies and hello Nanako

DSCN9739Amazing Wednesday! We are so glad to see our friends again at Ohana! Our teachers were waiting for us again with a big smile on their faces. It was such nice day that the sunshineDSCN9741 was showing and showering us with wonderful mood for today. Ritsuka came first and she liked doing the lacing activity. She is still learning how to complete this task and we adore her interest in choosing what she wants to do in class. We also said hello to our teacher Nanako, she came from Flowers class and DSCN9743she is going to be in our class soon. We are very excited to have her because she is nice to all of us. Yurika sat down with her and they started working on our lacing activity as well. Lisa was so thrilled coming to school and as she bid bye-bye to mommy, she immediately did her morning jobs and later played with our toy cars and trains. During our circle time, we showed our happy faces. Yuu showed his cute smile and Ritsuka gave us a big grin. Leanne was DSCN9745very confident showing her teeth in front of her friends and teachers. To start off our lesson, we counted our friends one by one. Sofia voluntarily raised her hand and said, “Sofia” and that meant she wanted to have her turn. After John counted everyone, she copied and counted her friends by touching their heads. Of course, we included Nanako now because we want her to be our DSCN9751friend too. We had some butterflies and we also counted them all. And the purple flowers were on the floor and we think that we had six flowers all in all. We put on the toy butterflies on our fingers and we started letting it fly up and down. We also learned that these butterflies drink from the flowers and the liquid that they drank is called nectar. Kaia was so interested in the activity and she loved letting her butterfly drink all the time. Yurika’sDSCN9752 butterfly could go up and down until she let it quenched its thirst as well.

Today, we also had some art activities. We had the handprint caterpillar and marbling. Sayaka helped us out with the caterpillar art. DSCN9755Chloe made her caterpillar beautifully. She delicately placed her hands on the construction paper and started to make stamps until the caterpillar became longer. Alexa was also patiently waiting for her turn and she liked the activity too. She was so careful and slowly putting her handprints on the paper. On the other side of the table, we saw Yuu working on the DSCN9759marbling activity. The activity was all about using the marbles with paint. We put the marbles on the paper that was inside the shallow box and we started tilting it from left to right. Rei, Yuu, Yurika and Sofia were enthusiastic in doing the activity and were quite DSCN9764happy by the results or the patterns that they made because they have tilted the box for so many times. Lisa was concentrated on the art work and she kept requesting Nanako for another turn and for various colors that she could see from the tray.

After our special activities, we prepared for the park. We had so much fun playing with the Ohana friends and teachers. Of course, we had to put our hats, sunscreen and some mosquito repellent. We DSCN9767were so ready for another adventure. When we arrived there, Yurika was quietly assisting Darren from Flowers class in using the water spray for the plants. Lisa enjoyed playing with the mud and she even got some tools from the sand box that the other class brought for all of us. We saw some bubbles as well and we DSCN9770couldn’t stop chasing after them. It was very enjoyable!

Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful time! Hope to see you all again soon!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Nanako