From caterpillar to butterfly

DSCN9589Good morning Monday! We are so happy to be at Ohana again! We love coming to our school because we always learn something new. Today, we started doing the lacing activity. Dominik was so concentrated in doing this and we think that he likes it very much. DSCN9598Yurika joined in and they were very quiet and felt so calm when they were doing this activity. Lisa came today and she started getting some books from the library. She really liked the shape and color book. She pointed out some shapes and colors slowly. Sofia was joyful seeing her friends again and she went straight to the play area to find some necklaces and toy mobile phones that she could find. Together with Sofia, Lisa joined her as well to complete their pretend play activities. DSCN9600         During our circle time, we greeted each other with a good beautiful morning. We also had some songs that we sang about movements and weather. Today was sunny and Sofia instantly said DSCN9604“sunny” and looked outside the window to see if it was really sunny. Rei-chan sang the songs with all her heart and she was so happy to be performing in front of her friends and teachers. Nikolas was quietly observing but he liked the songs and tasks that we did today. Dominik was also DSCN9605watching the performance of his friends. Our teachers asked us to give a high-five and a big hug. We slowly stood up one by one to see who our friends were and so we gave a gentle hug and a warm high-five. Kaia, at first, was thinking so hard who she’s going to give a hug. Later, she decided to give this important gesture to Sofia. Sofia felt the same way too and they were so glad to show this affection to each other. We also played with mini-sound shapes. It was like a drum and we all started playing with them while singing.

DSCN9606          After singing, John took out a book about the caterpillar that turned into a butterfly. The book depicted the butterfly eggs on the leaves and then the small caterpillars slowly came out of the egg shells. And when they were out, they couldn’t stop munching, crunching and eating everything that they DSCN9622feel edible. The caterpillar became very fat and it started to walk slowly until it turned into a chrysalis. After a few days, the butterfly came from the chrysalis and flapped its wings. The butterfly was very beautiful for its wings came in different colors. We tried identifying them and Dominik was able to tell that he saw black and blue. Yurika told us that she saw the yellow color. And everyone from our class agreed to both of them.

DSCN9631          We had our gym class today. We said a big hello to Miyashita-sensei. He’s always ready to give us some good workout challenges. We are very happy to have the chance to show our physical strength and agility. First off, he put all the mats beside the wall and we sat on them. Miyashita-sensei told us to move from our DSCN9638starting point to the other wall. While moving, we had to use different actions and Miyashita-sensei instructed us on how to do them. He made a big tunnel again by spreading his legs. We crawled underneath and we were so glad to do this over and over again. The third activity was all about walking, crawling, rolling and marching on the mat. However, we found out that there was a DSCN9643big gap in between the two mats that we needed to jump over. He showed us how to do it and we all tried our best to show our teachers and friends how we could do it with enough effort. Taiga was thrilled trying out different body movements and DSCN9654Rei-chan felt the same way. Nikolas wanted to have someone beside him for doing these activities and we felt that he was still trying to find his way with Miyashita-sensei and is still learning the different routines that we have in our gym class. Kaia was pretty good too. She was so brave in rolling over the mat and we felt that she was having a good time doing it too.

DSCN9655         We went to the park today and of course, we all had an amazing time with our friends and nature. Rei and Yurika started going up and down the slide and then they were followed by Taiga and Sofia. It was really nice to have this kind of bonding with our friends. And we are aware that we needed to take care of each other. For example, Dominik and Taiga, they were with each other all the time and they had fun searching for things that each of them would like to do.

Thank you so much Ohana for a wonderful day again! We hope to see you all tomorrow with a wonderful smile! Have a great day!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki