Rumble in the Jungle

DSCF6302Thank you all for attending the parent / teacher conferences on Friday. We felt it was a great time to get your ideas and opinions and to congratulate all the children for their successes this year. Well done flowers class. On the main table we saw the animal masks that we started last week along with all the materials to finish them. We used the books to look carefully at the animals as well as some small mask cards to get some further ideas. We then added the last of our animalDSCF6305 markings and just needed to add the attachments so that we could wear them. To do this we needed to get two pieces of tape to make the sides DSCF6308of the mask a little stronger. We then used a hole-punch to make a hole through the tape and the card. We then got two elastic bands and put each one through the holes. We looped them through themselves so that they would stay there and pulled them tight. We could then put the masks on our faces and used the elastic bands to hook over our ears. We looked really funny and went to the big class mirrors to take a look at ourselves. On the second table we saw lotsDSCF6310 of animal stamps with three big ink pads; yellow, red and green. We used the DSCF6316stamps to make animal pictures and also used some markers to add details such as grass and trees. We then took down our art gallery frames and replaced the farm animal pictures with the animal stamp pictures we had just completed. On the carpet the people model toys were very popular and then Nanako showed us how to play Uno. It was a little difficult at first but we soon got the hang of it. Also on the table we were making Happy Birthday cards for Maryna in the Office and Sayaka in Buds class. After packing away the toys we practiced the calendarDSCF6323 DSCF6329with Ayaka and moved to the park. It was warm in the park but we took our water bottles with us as well as putting on sunscreen and bug spray. We also brought along a small bubble making fan which we loved. We chased the bubbles and were amazed to see small bubbles floating inside the larger bubbles. We got really excited as the bubbles floated up into the sky and soon Tokutaro got the idea to throw is cap at them and soon we were all throwing our hats up into the air. We asked if we could bring the bubbles again tomorrow as DSCF6347it was so much fun. After returning to the classroom we immediately started our gym class with DSCF6341Miyashita Sensei. We had a good time warming up, doing somersaults, jumping, hopping and then playing a Ninja game where Miyashita Sensei said a word with Shiriken (Throwing star) such as “Atama Shiriken” (Head) and we had to cover our heads, “Onaka Shriiken” (Tummy) where we had to cover our tummies and “Ashi Shririken” (Leg) where we had to jump. It was great fun and we all got very hot playing. We then read a book together which Lucinda kindly brought in called ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ all about the different animals in the jungle. It was a great book Lucinda, Thank you. Next we played a game with the clear DSCF6349easel. We knelt in front of the screen and with one of our friends sitting facing us we drew an animal face using the screen like a mask. Our friend sitting facing us had to guess which animal face we were drawing which was great. We used chalk markers and it was fun guessing which animals we were drawing. Have a great afternoon,

All our love, Darren, Ayaka & Nanako