Skip to my Lou!

DSCN9468Good morning Tuesday! We are ready once again to explore and discover more about the activities that we have for today. Yurika was early today and she’s very glad to see her teachers and she can call them now by their names. She says with a big smile – Maki, Sayaka and John. She did her morning jobs with little encouragement from her teachers while she put her things away. DSCN9470She said, “Water bottle, towel and bag”. She went to ask her teachers if she could use scissors for today, and then when she got the scissors in her hands. She started to cut and cut and sometimes she would say, “Green scissors”. In our circle time, we reviewed some songs that we have learned previously. We noticed that it was a bit cloudy so we sang the DSCN9480weather song and we hope that’s not going to rain later. We also saw the toy ladybug and our teachers said that this ladybug likes to hide every now and then. We sang the “Ladybug song”, it went something like this…Ladybug, ladybug, how are you? Ladybug, ladybug, where are you? We closed our eyes while singing this song. And when we opened them, we saw that the ladybug was gone. And then, Sofia instantly pointed at the ladybug on the table and she said “there!” Our teachers asked how to say it in words. So, we learned DSCN9486saying “it’s on the table or the ladybug is on the table”. We also learned phrases “under the chair” and “beside the shelf”. We are all learning these phrases so that later on it will be easier for us to express ourselves to our teachers and friends. After that, the ladybug went on John’s head. And we all realized that the ladybug likes to walk around and stays on our heads and shoulders.

DSCN9497It was fun playing with the ladybug. And then we stood up and danced to the tune of “Skip to my Lou”. It was a lovely dancing with our friends. We were able to hold our hands, move around with them, jump high, and skip all the time. Sofia loves to touch and hold hands with her friends. She loves interacting and showing her affection to them. We are so happy how she has grown into a very loving person. Lisa has the same attitude DSCN9498towards her friends too. Slowly, we are creating this kind of bond and environment that is warm, loving and caring. We also sang “gentle hands” song and we all remember how important it is to show our classmates that we are gentle and nice to one another.

DSCN9508On our activity tables, we started doing our color book activity. And the color of the month is blue. Our teachers prepared some shading activity. We were given a piece of paper to put on top of sheets of plastic with different textures. When we shaded them with blue, the texture showed up and it was amazing how the patterns came out beautifully. On the other table, we continued doing our ladybugDSCN9509 activities. Some of us were still not finished with this. Then, our other friends played with Sayaka in the kitchen area. They had a pretend birthday party. Lisa remembered the word, “cake” and she shared her toys with everyone. She knows the concept of having a birthday party and we feel that she likes to have this kind of party once in a while.

We went to the park today and we’re so happy to see the slide once again. We also had DSCN9482some tools that we could use in the sand box and some of the Buds were so happy using them. Nikolas and Chloe got a small bucket and trowels. And they stayed by the sink filling up the bucket. It took them for several minutes to finish and they moved on to another activity. Alexa enjoyed the digging and she was DSCN9485actually playing beside Rei-chan together with the Flowers class.

Rupert, Yurika and Sofia patiently waited for their turn and they were all busy playing on the slide. After a few moments, we saw Dash (Darren’s dog) from Flowers class playing with some of our friends. Lisa was so happy to see it and she quickly ran to greet DSCN9500him with a pat on his head. Lisa is an animal lover; she likes to hug dogs when she sees them at the park.

Thank you so much for the great time and we hope to see you DSCN9501again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki