Welcome Claire and Dash

TDSCF6172his morning we welcomed Claire to the classroom from Seattle in the United States. A big ‘Hello Claire’ from all your friends and teachers in Flowers Class. Claire settled in really quickly and got on with her morning jobs including lunch, water bottle, writing her name etc. Claire got started on making a placemat which we use for snack time and for lunchtime. Claire drew a beautiful picture and used the small stamps to make it look pretty. Later the teachers put the placemat into some plastic and it was ready to use at snack and lunch time. On the table many of us started our pet fish picture using colored origami paper, some sparkly paper DSCF6188and some plastic that looks just like seaweed. We added some wiggly eyes and then Ayaka put a big DSCF6176piece of blue plastic over the paper which made it look like it was really in the water. Jennifer, Marc and Wes all came to the second table and added some more green paper to the big class crocodile. On the carpet area Marc, Lucinda, Eito and Adam all played with the soft animal toys together. Eito found a snake, Lucinda a rat and Adam a skunk. The teachers then explained how skunks protect themselves by making a bad smell. On the games table Jennifer and Nile set up the chess set and they soon had a big crowd of their friends gathered around to watch. Soon after packing away the toys we sang our Hello song so that Claire could learn all our names and we could all DSCF6191learn Claire’s. After snack time we read a short book about DSCF6201puppies called ‘Puppies are like that’. The book explained what puppies like to do and then Dash the Border Collie (Darren’s pet) arrived to visit us in Flowers Class. The teachers told us how to hold a small snack in the center of our hands and to approach Dash slowly os that we didn’t scare him. Dash sat down, offered his paw and also went right down onto the floor when we approached. He took the food from our hands with his big wet tongueDSCF6203 DSCF6206and gulped it down. We each got the chance to stroke him and say a big hello. Dash was able to catch his toy hippo in mid-air and once we got used to him we discovered he is gentle and wouldn’t hurt us. We soon went to the park and Dash came along with us to play in the fenced area where we threw is tennis ball and little pink hippo. Dash ran after the tennis ball and brought it back to us each time. The pink hippo Dash caught in mid-air and brought back to us. We enjoyed running with Dash and hope to see him againDSCF6210 DSCF6213soon. Welcome Claire, we hope you had a good day and enjoyed yourself. We look forward to seeing you again tomorrow. Have a great afternoon

All our love, Darren, Ayaka & Sharee