Marvellous Monday

We hope that all our friends had a special weekend with their mums for Mother’s Day. Our week started off well on this beautiful sunny Monday and of course, we spent time enjoying our regular Monday gymnastics class. Miyashita sensei is teaching is most of the exercises that Tanaka sensei did, however he has his own style; which we are still trying to get used to. Some of OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the things that he asks us to do, we did in a different way before so we are learning them, once again.

We were so happy to welcome back Taiyo after his long holiday adventuring with his family; it looked like he had been on the beach. He was also happy to see us


again. Koh chan came back after his long Golden Week with his parents and he too, was happy to be in Petals Class. Today we finalized some of our milestones at one of the activity tables. We looked at numerical symbols and our teachers asked us which ones we knew; we looked at letters of the alphabet and also tried to name them and say their sounds; we copied certain shapes and all together we showed our teachers how competent we are.


We sat together on the carpet and practiced singing one of our Japanese songs for our end of year party. This is the one where we all chose a certain fruit or vegetable and we first plant a seed and sing about it becoming a delicious fruit or vegetable. Koh chan made his flower for his mum for Mother’s Day and he completed his bookmark and card for her. The card is in his workbook/portfolio like all of our cards. We


asked our mums when we gave them their presents on Friday, if we could keep the card and paste it into our books,

and they said: “Yes!”

Our one circle time was really interesting because we spoke about the days of the week, and what was yesterday, what was the day before and what will tomorrow be. The reason for this was that it said “Friday” on the calendar and today is not Friday. Friday was the last day of


last week. When we thought what today was, we naturally said “Saturday”, however Saturday is part of the weekend when we do not attend school. Then we said “Sunday” which again one of the days of the weekend. So Shelley lay Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the floor with the date next to them. We worked out that on Friday it was the 8th so Saturday was the 9th and so on. At last we arrived at Monday and we could work out that today is 11th May. Learning things in order really helps us.


Another discussion that came up in circle time was what to do when we have something in our noses. It was a very interesting discussion because we all know that it is best to use a tissue, and yet, many of us put our fingers in our noses and sometimes we make blood come out. Blood makes us feel a little scared so our teachers encouraged us to use a tissue in our noses at all times.


We read stories on the mat in library time and some of us copied certain shapes from Shelley’s shape chart. She wanted to see if we were able to copy these shapes as they are all shapes that we need to know one day when we start writing letters and words. Most of us are writing our names at the moment.

The park was really sunny and we had a great time playing outside in a really nice, manageable temperature.

Tomorrow we are going to be starting some new projects and we look forward to seeing some of our friends who were not at school today. Have a great afternoon, and hoping everyone is playing outside on this beautiful day.

Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel