Whispering day

Today was a very quiet day inside our classroom! We all spent most of the time inside whispering just like Shelley was doing. The only difference was that we could have spoken loudly but Shelley was unable to do so. She lost her voice. Lanah asked many times: “Where is Shelley’s voice?” and she told her friends that Shelley was talking quietly and she didn’t know why. When we sat with Shelley making one of our special things for Mothers Day, she asked us questions and we whispered the answers back to her. Even our teachers were OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The whispering however didn’t last so long and when we had our gymnastics class with Miyashita sensei, our whispers had completely disappeared. After our gymnastics class we completed our calendar for today and Manuel was the weather person. We also completed our attendance sheet and we couldn’t


believe that there were only five children in our class today. We had such a tiny class today because so many of our friends are on holiday and some are sick. We hope that all of them who are on holiday are having fun and that our friends who are not well, are getting better. We have so many events coming up, we don’t want them to miss them.

In the gymnastics class, We did our warm up exercises as before and the only thing that was different today was the “traffic light”


game. The instructions for this game were that we had to walk around the mat when Miyashita sensei said “aoi” which means blue. It is interesting because in Japan, people say that the colour of the traffic light when you go is blue, but most of us know that cars drive when it is green. We he said “aka” which means red, we had to stand on the mat and when he said “ciro” which means yellow we had to look left and



Luka and William B completed their gifts for Mothers Day today and we hope that William B and Taiyo will be back at school, in time to make their Mothers Day gifts and cards. William B and Luka did a lot of snipping and then rolling and then they went to Shelley to complete their cards. Shelley asked us lots of


questions about our mums and some of them, we had to think a lot about. We gave our answers to her and she wrote them down on our cards; she said that our mums will have smiles on their faces, laughter in their bodies and love in their hearts for us when they read our cards.

We had a fabulous time playing in the park and were very sweaty when we came back to school. Because we


went to Buds Class during their gymnastics lesson in our classroom, we had our snack time downstairs. We also sang some songs with Hisami, playing the piano. She is very good at playing our songs from our CD that we listen to each day. She played our Ohana International School song, “Here is the beehive”, “Two little bees one day”, “Flowers, stems, leaves and roots”


and we also sang our snack time song. Every morning when we come to school we choose our jobs and we are fulfilling our responsibilities each day. We want to wish all of our friends and their families, “Happy Golden Week” and “Happy Children’s Day”. See you on Wednesday for the beating of the taiko. Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel