I am a fashion designer!

DSCN9038Hello everybody! What a great morning we have today! The weather was so wonderful and it all gave us an amazing mood during the day. First, Yurika continued the art activity that we were doing yesterday and this time she used her hands with green and yellow. She loved dipping her hands in the paint and she even tried to squeeze the paint out of her hands. Next, Alexa andDSCN9061 Dominik used some bubble wrap gloves and they enjoyed every bit of it. We did this painting activitiy for our “koinobori”. And we just made the koi fish and it was so cool. And most of the Buds class kids got their favorite toys again and had a great time playing with one another. Today, we also went up to our garden. We saw some lovely plants and flowers. But sadly, some of them were a bit dry now. That’s why we really DSCN9072need to help them as much as we could. So we got our cups and Sayaka helped us filled it with water and we were so determined to help our little friends – the plants and flowers. As we ran out of water to use, we always asked our teachers, “Water please or more please”. We have to remember that we need to use our polite words at all times when talking to our teachers and friends.

After we finished watering the plants, we went back to our classroom for DSCN9086our circle time. Today, we learned more about the shapes. John picked out several pictures of shapes. First, we drew some shapes in the air with our fingers. We made a circle, square, rectangle and triangle. It was a bit funny when we were making a circle because our teachers told us to make it faster and slower. We had some toys of matching shapes in the classroom and we really had fun using them. We tried to identify them and of course, our teachers needed some time to help us. We also sang some songs about body DSCN9096movement. The Ohana school song is one of our favorite. Yurika, Lisa and Sofie stood up and started dancing around and we just simply enjoyed the entertainment. It was such a great moment for everyone to develop their self-confidence and musicality inside the Buds class. We just love everything about our class.

The circle time is always amazing for us. And then, we went to our activity tables for another set of projects that we have for this week. We learned that we’re about to design our very own paper t-shirts. We loved this idea and we volunteered that we’ll be using nice medium for our designs. Posca markers, pen markers, some cut-out shapes, Ohana school logo, and animal stickers DSCN9098were the available accessories that we could use for our t-shirts. Our teachers told us to use the markers to draw the four shapes. Sayaka showed us how to make a triangle, square, circle and rectangle. And then, we followed our teachers’ suggestions by doing the same thing. We also used some glue to stick some cut-out shapes for our T-shirt and put some animal stickers on them too. It was a nice activity and we all got so creative with how we wanted to put our designs on them.

DSCN9105            It is time for park today and the weather is getting warmer each day. It is also a great day for us to play and enjoy the sun with our friends and teachers. We loved using the slides and swing. Yurika always loved to go up and down the stairs. She would also slide down with a big grin on her face. Rupert tried the monkey bars for several times again. He was also showing his teachers how strong his arms are. Sofie, Lisa and Alexa like to use the jungle gym. They love to climb up and down. We are all indeed DSCN9107showing how friendship grows in Buds class. We love to hold hands while playing inside the classroom and we love to hug each other when some of our friends would be sad. Thank you so much Ohana for giving us this fantastic opportunity to show how affectionate we are to one another.

There would be no school tomorrow. So, we will see you again on Thursday!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki