Beautiful Hanbok & Violin Concert

DSCF5856We had two very special events today with Gaby’s ‘Show & Tell’ and a mystery guest Karin (Jeremy and Jessica’s mom) who came to play the violin for us. On the main table we saw the big jungle artwork we have all been working on along with the colored butterflies we made last week with Nanako. We decided today where we wanted to put the butterflies on the paper and then used some tape to stick them onto the main artwork. We also glued on lots of sticks and leaves to the artwork to make it look more like a jungle. Gaby also decided where she would like to put herDSCF5837 gorilla on the artwork and used some double sided tape to attach it. Nile did the DSCF5840same with her tiger picture. Kosei came to the second table and together with the teachers we removed the masking film from his tiger painting. Kosei used a sponge to apply the paint and it was a little tricky to get the film off easily but we soon managed it. He then added a wiggly eye to the picture and we will cut out the tiger to add to the artwork today. Also on the second table Ayaka helped us with our own name and picture drawings which we started yesterday. DSCF5842Today we just needed to trace along the lines with a black marker to make them DSCF5844heavier and then the teachers will use them for our surprise gift at the end of the year. On the carpet the wooden Kapla blocks and soft foam blocks were very popular with Adam, Eito, Alexis and Lucinda. They made several towers together which got bigger and bigger and bigger. After snack time we came back to the circle and practiced our calendar and the Ohana song. Soon Huijin (Gaby’s mom) arrived to help Gaby dress up in her beautiful pink Hanbok for her ‘Show & tell’. She told us how the dress is worn in Korea on special days such as birthday’s and April. She alsoDSCF5845 DSCF5848said that her grandmother gave it to her. Gaby then named all her friends and walked slowly around to show all her friends the beautiful colors and designs on it. She saw 2 butterflies on the dress. Tokutaro asked Gaby “Why did you bring the dress”?.....”Because it’s pretty”. Gaby kindly let her friends try on the dress and belt and we then posed for a group photo. Thank you Huijin and Gaby it was a great ‘Show and Tell’. We were then joined by Karin (Jeremy and Jessica’s mom) who had brought along her violin as well as the small DSCF5850DSCF5852violins Jeremy and Jessica use. Karin told us the names for the parts of the violin such as the scroll, tail, belly and also the names for the parts of the bow called the frog. Funny names huh! We then sang 2 songs while Karin kindly played along. We then listen to Jeremy and Jessica play a song each and were amazed at the great job they did. Well done guys. Jeremy and Jessica then very kindly let all their friends try on their violins too. It was harder tDSCF5860han it looked but great fun. The park was nice and warm and we returned hot and DSCF5861sweaty but made sure we drank lots of water today. Together we read a book called ‘Cautionary tales for Children’ about a boy Jim who ran away from his helper and was eaten by a lion. The story was very funny but had a sad ending unfortunately. Have a great afternoon.

DSCF5871All our love, Darren, Ayaka & ShareeDSCF5876