The ten little rabbits

DSCN8971What a wonderful time we have again for Buds class! We are very happy to be here for a new adventure. Today, Yurika came early to school. She did her usual morning jobs and she started to use more words on requesting for water and different things. There were various puzzle pieces on our table and we also noticed that we have some long sheet of paper on the table DSCN8975with some cut-outs and paint on the table. Maki told us that we’re going to make a special painting. Taiga and Dominik also liked to volunteer to do the painting activity but we told them that they needed to wait for a while so that everybody can have a turn. We used green and blue paint today. And the interesting part was, we used some paint rollers instead of a regular paintbrush. At first, we were using the rollers like a normal brush but our teachers told us how to use it correctly. We just have to move it like a wheel forward and back. DSCN8981                Sofia and Yurika were having a lot of fun in painting and rolling. Yurika was telling everyone that she was using blue and Sofia was using green. When it was Dominik’s turn, he used some blue paint to spread on our long paper. Our teachers said that we will find out later on that we were making a very nice art work when it’s done.

In our circle time, we sang some lovely songs. Today, we learned “You are my sunshine”. We used some actions that go along with the song and it was very nice to do it with our friends. The song goes like this…

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy DSCN8987

When skies are gray

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away…

DSCN8992               John read a book about ladybugs and the ten little rabbits. Both books were so amazing. We loved looking at the ladybugs and Sofie enjoyed counting the ladybugs and their spots. First, we all counted the ladybugs and how many eggs they could lay. It was difficult from the beginning but if we were going to use our fingers in pointing, we would find it easier than just looking at them. Next, we read about the ten little rabbits. The pictures were so beautiful and for each page, they described the different rabbits and we counted them all.

After the story, we stood up again and danced with our music. We loved to move around especially when we’re singing the wheels on the bus DSCN8993and the number song. We jumped, turned around and shook our body. The last part of our circle time, we sang “You are my sunshine”. And after the song, we hugged and showed our affection to our friends. Our songs really made us feel comfortable and more familiar with one another so no wonder most of us established a great relationship in the classroom.

DSCN9001              We had our gym class today as well. Miyashita-sensei was here again to give us good and exciting workout. We liked the tunnel game that we did with him. Miyashita-sensei spread his legs wide DSCN9025and we had to go under his legs. Taiga enjoyed it a lot and he crawled together with his friends from Buds class. There was also a touching game. He would ask us first to walk to him and touch him. And then, we would run to him and touch him again. It was also nice when he told us to pretend to be some kind of animals and then touch him again.

DSCN9036              At the park, we had a great time playing with one another. The sun shines so bright and we all need to wear our sun hats and sunscreen. But it was a lovely day at the park because we saw our friends having a DSCN9037great time playing the slides and swing. We also learned how to take turns when we were going up and down the stairs. Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful time. It is always nice to be here and spend such amazing time with the Ohana family. Have a great day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki