Monday morning action

It really was a lovely sunny day today and a great start to the week. Monday is always a fun day at school because we do gymnastics and we reconnect with our friends and teachers after the weekend. Today we had a large selection of activities to do and our teachers are always well prepared, when we arrive at school in the morning. The tables are laid and we always want to stop to make something before going to play freely on the carpet with toys and the dress OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

ups. We have all worked so hard to make our “koinobori” in time for “Kodomo no hi” which is next week. Some of us still needed to make our eyes using the different coloured and sized circles. We used four circles in total viz. one large one, one medium sized one, a smaller one and then a black one, which was the smallest size available. We pasted them on top of one another from largest to smallest and then pasted our two eyes onto


our hand printed sheet of paper.

We forgot to mention that we also had to cut out a few triangles for the tail and we pasted two golden fins onto it. Some of us cut out some circles because we didn’t have all of the sizes to use. Fish do not have legs or arms, they have fins which help them glide through the water. They have fins on the side and one at the back which is called the tail fin. When you arrive at Ohana, and you look up to Petals Class, you will see that we have a ‘koinobori’


hanging from our balcony. It is blowing in the wind. We changed our calendar during circle time, and we counted that we only had seven children in class today. We know that Golden Week is coming and lots of our friends will be going on holiday. In fact, Taiyo has already gone on his holiday with his family. We can’t believe that April is almost finished and on Friday it will be the month of May already. The days are flying by as our school year comes to an end, and we are squeezing in so many special times with our friends and teachers. We do not


have school on Wednesday 29th April but Thursday 30th April is Pyjama Day. All of our friends are welcoming to come to school for part of the morning on that day; to enjoy the fun of being in our pyjamas at school and doing fun things.

When we come to school for Pyjama Day, we need to bring some extra clothes to change into for when we go to the park. We are looking forward to a fabulous, fun day then.


In the meantime, lets continue telling you about our day today. In our gymnastics class, we walked around the room and when we heard the whistle blow, we stopped. We did the same when we ran, jumped like a rabbit, jumped like a frog and walked like a bear. We did a somersault on the mat and then jumped like a rabbit around the green cushion; we did another somersault and then did star jumps around the green cushion; we did a third somersault and jumped with two feet together around the green cushion. The next game was called Daruma san and for this game, Miyashita sensei stands still and we stand opposite him. When he said “smile”, we smile; when he said “eat”, we eat and when he said “hungry”, we all pretended to eat. But…….. when he said “angry”, we had


to run to the opposite side of the room.

We did an alphabet puzzle and a number puzzle today. They are a lot more complicated because each piece has either a number or a letter on it and we have to be able to find the letters and numbers sequentially. We had an alphabet guide and a number guide to look at, when we did the puzzle. While we were waiting for our mums to pick us up at the end of the day, we did the puzzles again. The one is shaped like a bull, which is a daddy cow and the other one is in the shape of a dinosaur. We started to prepare for Mothers Day which will be held at our school on Friday 9th May, in the form of a Mother’s Day breakfast. We have so many things to remember and the month of May looks like it is going to be full of events. Thanks for a great day and we are looking forward to having some time to play outside in the park this afternoon…..especially since it is a beautiful day. Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel