Lanah does Show and Tell

Yay, the warm weather has returned and while we know that when it is summer, we will not be saying “Yay”, we are enjoying the lovely temperatures and warm sunshine. Today most of us put sunscreen on and hats and we would like to remind our mums and dads, that we need to bring sunscreen, sunhats and mosquito repellent for this time of year. Our teachers don’t want ??????????????????????us to burn our beautiful soft smooth skin. At our activity tables, we continued working on our “koinobori”. We first cut the tail so that it had points like the tail fin of a real fish and then we proceeded to make its eyes. A few days ago some of us cut out different size ???????????????????????????????circles in different colours, so we used these to make two eyes for our “koinobori”. We took one big circle, then a middle sized circle, then one a little bit smaller and the smallest one was the black one. We pasted them on top of one another and then pasted each eye onto the sheet of paper that we had made handprints on.

We laid them outside on the balcony and at the end of the day, we stood on the balcony and checked to see if they were dry. Hana’s one was dry, so we ??????????????????????took it inside and rolled it up so now it looks like a “koinobori”. We will add some things to them next week in time for “Kodomo no hi” which is on May 5th. During the morning, William B completed his diorama as well as his numeracy sorting box. He selected all of his materials from our collage shelf and was able to count out all of the things that he needed for each number. He made some curly whirly flowers for his diorama and he also wanted to hang his bee up from the top of his box.

Miyu completed a farm puzzle together with help from Manuel, Akari, Luka, ??????????????????????Manuela and Lanah. The puzzle had a picture of a farm on it and was 100 pieces. In between doing the puzzles, Miyu and Akari chan selected some clothing and accessories from the dress up corner, which they wanted to wear while they were doing the puzzle. When we were sitting in the library area for our circle time today, we sang “There are seven days in a week” and then we spoke about rhyming. We are learning what rhyming means at the moment and even though we rhyme when are singing, as most of our ???????????????????????????????songs have rhyming words at the end of each sentence, we are still trying to understand what it really means. Shelley gave us an example and said: “If school sounds like pool and hot sounds like pot, what rhymes with cat?” We are so used to talking about initial sounds of words, that some of us thought we needed to use the sound “c” to make a word. Then she gave us some more examples and used her name and said: “Shelley rhymes with jelly”. We think that this helped because then she said a few words and some of us knew what she was asking us to think about e. g. cat and hat, pig and big, shoe and moo. We will try to play some more rhyming games next week to help us understand the ???????????????????????????????concept more fully.

Lanah did her “Show and Tell” today and she brought along a book called “The very lonely firefly”. We have the same book in our library. We asked some interesting questions e. g. “Why do the lights not go on?” and “Why did you bring this book to school?” We are learning how to ask questions each week, when our friends bring “Show and Tell” to school ??????????????????????and are mastering what it means to ask a question. Sometimes we like to just comment to our friends which our teachers think is okay. We hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and if you free tomorrow, some of our friends are playing taiko at the ISSH fair – the Sacred Heart School fair in Hiro’o. Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel