We are all friends and we love each other!

??????????Hello Friday! It was a sunny morning again and the Buds were ready to get a good experience from Ohana! Today, Yurika came early today and she did her morning jobs all by herself! She is becoming more and more independent now. She then went to our art activity tables to do some painting of our fire truck. ??????????She always said “fire truck red, fire truck red”. She’s starting to talk a lot now. All of our friends came one by one, and they spent their early morning getting busy with our toys around. Sofia enjoyed cutting and molding something from the play dough. Alexa got the fire truck and she moved it around the class. Lisa’s favorite toys were the animals. Also, every time she sees a dog at the park, she would come close and touch it. It was nice to see how much she loves animals. Yuu, on the other hand, loves to play with our play dough. He also likes to get some books from the library and look at the pictures from time to time. ??????????              In our circle time, we sang the Ohana school song. We also love to dance and enjoy the music that we do in the classroom. We then heard the story of Mickey mouse and Freddie the frog. The story was about two friends who got a little bit of misunderstanding. Mickey hit his friend with a baseball and Freddie didn’t like it. Our teachers asked ??????????if it was nice that Mickey hit his friend. And of course, we all said “no”. We are so proud that we were learning more about manners and how to be nice to everyone. And then, we also had a chance of taking care of the baby. At first, the baby was crying a lot and John asked us what we should do if someone’s crying, Dominik said ‘It’s okay.” He made it sure that he had a gentle voice when he said that. And then, we had a chance of hugging the baby and say what Dominik replied. It was very cute because all of us felt that we were big brothers and sisters while we were doing.

??????????              After our time with the baby, we took out our chairs and stood up for our next activity. We made a small circle together and we all started to dance to the music. We got our own partners, held our hands and turned around. We did some several actions together like jumping, walking to the side and giving a hug to each other. The Skidamarink song was also our favorite. This song could give us a chance to express our love with our friends.

After our wonderful circle time, we went to our art tables for a ??????????special activity. Our teachers said that we’re going to see some magic. And we all noticed that there were milk, dish soap and some food coloring on our tables. Some of us already knew milk but the dish soap and food color were kind of new things to learn. But we also have some rules to observe while we did the activity. We always had to put our hands on our knees. We will watch the whole process of the experiment and we can do it all by ourselves.

??????????             John put the milk on the tray first. He had to make sure that the milk should cover the entire space of the tray. Then, he put some food coloring. We had blue and green. And the last one, he put a droplet of the dish soap in the center and….wow! The colors moved and we felt so excited to see how they reacted to the dish soap. We had to do it again and this time we all had to take turns in pouring the milk, putting some droplets of food coloring and lastly the dish soap.

While we were preparing for the park, we read a book by Eric Carle entitled,?????????? “Do you want to make a friend?” We loved the story because we loved guessing whose tail was coming next. It was a very interesting book we have in the library. We would definitely read it again in the future.

??????????               We also went to the park. It was a fun day! We just love chasing after the bubbles and play on the swing and slide. Yuu-chan was also very glad to use the sand box. He even tried using the swing with his teachers. He really enjoyed it a lot. Alexa was also showing her ??????????big smile while Maki was with her in the park.

Thank you so much for the wonderful time Ohana! Hope to see you all again!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki