Braided Snakes and My Little Ponies

DSCF5690This morning we made some snakes by braiding together colored yarn. We saw on the table some scissors and lots of colored yarn. Ayaka helped us braid the yarn together on the table surface. We chose 3 different colors of yarn first and then tied and taped the ends together to hold them in place. Taking each piece in turn we thenDSCF5693 folded them into the middle taking turns with each one. Once we had finished braiding them together we tied the other end together. They look really nice and we hope to use them on our artwork soon. Also on the table we saw lots of jungle animal stencils and some white DSCF5693paper. Using the stencils we could draw jungle animals together. Tomorrow we will start to add some more color to our pictures. On the same table was a painting activity using large masking film stencils of a gorilla, a tiger and a parakeet. To make the picture for these ones we needed to put on a smock so that we didn’t get paint on our clothes. Using the DSCF5699masking film we blocked off part of the card and applied the film gently. We then chose a piece of sponge and orange paint for the tigers, black paint for the gorillas and yellow for the parakeet. We used a sponge to DSCF5701pick up the paint and applied the paint with sponge in an up and down motion. Once the paint is dry we will peel off the masking film and add the details such as the stripes, eyes, nose etc. We can then put them onto our jungle artwork. On the carpet the wooden and sponge blocks were very popular. Together we built a big tower and compared DSCF5702our heights to see which of us was taller than the tower or not quite as tall as the tower yet. Once we finished it we had fun DSCF5705knocking it down too. After packing away the toys we practiced the calendar and also practiced our Ohana song together before it was soon time Nile’s ‘Show & Tell’. Nile brought in her two little ponies called Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. Nile told us how she liked Twilight Sparkle more because her favorite color is purple. She also told us how she bought them at the shop and that she bought them DSCF5707because she liked them very much. Nile told us how sher likes to sDSCF5714leep with them at night and also that she has some Little Ponies books at home too. Thank you Nile for a wonderful Show & Tell. Some of us went to Petals class to help sing the school song today and then came back to flowers class to have our snack and go to the park. The park was nice and warm and we made sure we took our water bottles with us too. After returning to the classroom we made a huge snake using the same technique as the morning but instead of braiding DSCF5718DSCF5723a snake individually we all worked on it in groups of three or four. We started off by standing and holding a piece of yarn together and then moved over our friends yarn into the center and then it was our friends turn. Finally we braided all the pieces together to make one big snake. We will put some eyes on the snake tomorrow morning to add to the artwork. Have a great afternoon.DSCF5734

All our love, Darren, Ayaka & Sharee