Our colors and gentle voices

??????????Mr. Sun was up and all of us had a great time again with our friends and teachers. It was all worth it to be here and we all want to play each day with one another. On our activity tables, we found some used construction paper and some cut-outs of brown paper. We were trying to figure out what we were supposed to ??????????do and our teachers told us what they were for. We learned that the pieces of green paper were for the leaves and the brown cut-outs were for the tree trunk. Ritsuka tried it early in the morning and she was very good in ripping the paper off. And she independently pasted all of it on the blue sheet of paper. Yurika, Sofia and Alexa came and they loved to play with the wooden blocks and some Lego blocks that they put out from the boxes. They also played with the necklaces and some toy mobile phones. Chloe played with the kitchen utensils that we have in our play corner. She seems to like pretend cooking every now and then. Shelley gave us a small visit and she loved to play with the little ones. Thank you for saying “Hi” Shelley! ??????????            In our circle time, we sang some songs and danced some simple movement like marching, stomping of your feet, clapping of our hands and jumping/turning around. Singing and dancing give us more positive feeling in the class. So if our teachers would play some songs and music in class, it’s always a great experience for us here in Ohana. Some of our friends may not sing with us but they would always listen and smile to our musical classroom.

Our story time was very interesting as well. We love hearing the “Little Dino’s story series”. It was really good to learn more about our ??????????manners and respect in and out of the classroom. We also love to show our friends and teachers how we can respect and use our manners to each and every one. So today, we listened to “Don’t Yell”. The story was about a little dinosaur who likes to yell all the time. Sometimes, the plates got broken and her voice was so loud that it can even shake the whole house. In some instances, the little dino was being mean to her parents and siblings. And ??????????when she finally realized that it is not okay to shout at someone, she learned that she has to use her inside voice all the time. She can only use a louder voice (but not shouting) when she’s at the playground and playing with her friends. But then again, she needs to learn that respect is very important for herself and for everyone.

After our circle time, we went to our art tables to have our simple teeth art activity for today. Before we got started, we learned the different parts of our face – hair, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. We noticed that John ??????????drew a very big mouth. Sadly, he told us that the mouth can’t smile. Why? Because the mouth would like to have some teeth, so what we did was we got some paper with a mouth drawing in it and we then ripped some strips of paper to paste them on the mouth. We were also reminded not to put the teeth outside the lips. It was a bit challenging for us especially when we were trying to tear the paper. Some of us needed a bit of assistance from our teachers. But of course, they also encouraged us to do this on our own. Eventually, we figured out how to do it and we simply enjoyed ripping and sticking the paper all along.

??????????              At the park, we saw only a few friends. But that didn’t stop us from having fun too. We enjoyed the slides, swing and monkey bars on our own. And after several minutes, Flowers class came and they added so much joy to the park’s atmosphere. We also joined in to whatever activities they did for today. Yuu-chan watered some flowers from Ohana. And he also went to the sandbox and enjoyed every minute of it. We also had some bubble activities with Sayaka. It was very nice to chase and pop the bubbles around the park. Leanne did some rock climbing today too. The course was not really high but it can be challenging for the younger ones. However, Leanne was very brave for she never gave up climbing until she reached the top.

Chloe did the same. But for her, it was very easy. We are also very ??????????happy because she was starting to play more with her friends. She likes to follow Alexa around the park. Ritsuka was very serious making and building some sand. Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful day. Hope to see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki