Happy birthday Rupert, Yurika and Yuu!

??????????Hello terrific Tuesday! We had a great time being with our friends again! It was so nice to see the different puzzles and construction blocks on our activity tables and circle time corner. Yurika came early today and she started working on her simple tree art work. Sofia then came and tried to make a beautiful tree as well. This activity was also helpful for us to develop our fine motor skills in ripping and cutting. We pasted the tree trunk and the leaves all together to make a wonderful collage. Rupert came and he went to get his toy trucks and cars. But one thing was different though, he took the mobile phone out and he started ??????????dialing and calling up somebody. As with Alexa, she tried to make her own toy train tracks. As she was doing this, she never forgets Minnie Mouse by her side. Lisa went to our activity tables to finish the construction blocks. We think that she was making a building on her own.

In our circle time, we love singing and dancing to the music of the ??????????guitar. We tried some total physical response movements by just following what our teachers do in the classroom. We touched our head, shoulders, jumped around, stomped our feet and turned over and over again. It was so nice to see our friends enjoy everything about our great body movements. Yurika could not sit down because she really likes to jump. Sofia and Sofie were always dancing together in the middle of the circle. And Lisa every now and then, joins in with the dancing. We also learned some counting today. We counted from one to five. It was really nice to count with our friends because it made our voices even better. We then sang the number song.

On our second part of the circle time, we listened to John’s story about Freddie the frog and Barry the bear. Both of them were best of friends?????????? and they always helped each other. But one day, Freddie got a really bad toothache and he said that he can’t eat anymore. Barry was so worried and then he took him to the dentist. At first, our teachers asked us who can treat Freddie’s toothache. We all said the doctor. But we reviewed our lesson yesterday and realized that it was the dentist who can help us with our toothache. Anyway, as we moved along with the story, we learned that Freddie loves to eat chocolates and other sweets. He almost ate these kinds of stuff every single day. Hence, it caused him to have a toothache. And of course, the dentist helped him out in the end of the story. They are both happy and start to play together once again.

??????????               While Freddie the frog was playing, he jumped around the classroom. He jumped on John’s head first. And John asked, “Where is Freddie?” And we said, “There”. He can’t figure it out where he was and so we replied again, “There, on your head”. And then, we also learned that we needed to be precise when we explain ourselves clearly. We should also use our words instead of making funny weird sounds or even mumbles. There’s always time for that during singing or other special activities that may require these types of sound. So, we also learned, “IN the shirt”, “ON the table”, “UNDER the chair”. Those were simple prepositions but it will certainly help us a lot in explaining where some things are located.

After our circle time, we headed to our art tables to do some fun stuff again at school. We saw a paper that had a tooth drawing on it. And some toothbrushes and paint on the table were also prepared. We noticed that we’re going to use white paint but why did we have a paintbrush. So our teachers explained to us that we’re going to help a boy who likes to eat ??????????sweets all the time. He has lost some teeth but we have to help him clean all that he has left. We then took out our toothbrushes and used these to paint on the yellow paper. Later on, we realized that we actually helped the little boy brush his teeth and as we sang and painted. It was an awesome moment when we realized that everything that we were doing was for the boy who has lost some teeth.

Happy birthday to Yurika, Rupert and Yuu! Thank you Yuu for coming and celebrating your birthday with us, we love to see you grow and get more and more mature each day. Thank you to the mommies and grandma who came today just to prepare the wonderful treats that we had on our snacks.

??????????          We gave the birthday cards and crowns to our birthday celebrants and we started singing “Happy birthday” with some amazing actions that we always do in Buds class. And then, we played a game with Rupert’s and Yuu’s moms and Yurika’s grandma. We sang the Wheels on the Bus because Rupert was singing that song when he came to school this morning.

During our snacks, we had some jelly, muffins, fruits, popcorns and lots and lots of fruits again. It was so nice to have this celebration with our friends. Thank you so much Ohana for making this celebration possible.

We went to the park today! And of course, it’s always nice to play ??????????with our friends and teachers. The Flowers class was there but they were playing on the other side of the park. We just love the puddle of water. Too bad some of us didn’t have the rain boots so that we can stay close to the puddle. But there’s always a next time. We are all getting more and more familiar with each other and we love learning and sharing with our friends.

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki