Music players and snakes

DSCF5607We did some more painting today with our friends on the table. We again used black paint and the paint rollers to paint some big squares of cardboard. The squares will be used with the long strips we painted yesterday to make something for the graduation ceremony on the 2nd June. Tomorrow we will paint the other side of theDSCF5613 square with the same color before starting to put the pieces together. Also on the table we put out the big cardboard tubes we covered with tape yesterday to make stripy snakes. They didn’t look much like snakes as they were still straight. We used a saw with Darren’s help DSCF5622to cut the tube and make it all wiggly. Darren explained that the saw is a ‘tool’ and not a ‘toy’. We know we play with toys but not with tools. Together we cut the tube every 20 centimeters or so. We didn’t cut the tubes all the way through, but once we had each cut 2 pieces we used our strength to bend the snake sections into a wiggly back and forth pattern. DSCF5624Soon the whole snake was cut and we added the head. We will be able to play with the snake like a toy now and put it on the wall to show our friends, mummies and daddies. In the library area Ayaka read a great book brought in by Sharee called ‘Jungle Blues’ which told the story of a tiger who DSCF5633dyes himself blue. We were lucky that it didn’t rain today and went to the park to play. Many of us went to the fenced area to play ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf’. Today Tokutaro and Kosei were our champions and managed to avoid being caught many times. As soon as we got back from the park we enjoyed Lucinda’s ‘Show & Tell’. We had many guesses as to what Lucinda had brought including: a toy, a book, a doll, a ribbon, a shirt, a towelDSCF5645 and a piece of artwork. It turned out to be a music making kit that has lots of musical instrument shapes which you place on the base. As you add the instruments it starts to play and adds those instruments to the music. Lucinda explained all about how it works and how she could make it play faster if she DSCF5638wanted. Lucinda also showed us the music box lid she had brought and then showed her friends up close how it works with the pins hitting the pegs. She next answered some questions from her friends about why she brought it with her today, how she got it from her mummy, how it is good for show and tell, how all the instruments fit into the shapes around the outside with the letters to the front. Lucinda then named many of the instruments such as the violin, piano, xylophone, symbols, drum, flute, and trombone. Well done Lucinda it was a great show and tell and you did a fantastic job!! In circle time DSCF5646we practiced our calendar and the next passage for the school song with Ayaka singing along to help us. She has a great voice and we sang really nicely. At the table we saw a big piece of cardboard with lots of green and black plastic, paper tape and vinyl tape. We started adding lots of these pieces to the cardboard and will add more over the next few days. We haven’t made any animals yet but will add them soon. Have a great afternoon.

All our love, Darren, Ayaka & Sharee