Fantabulous Friday

You are probably wondering what today was? Was it Fabulous Friday? Was it Fantastic Friday? Well we have news for you……it was Fantabulous Friday! It was both fantastic and fabulous which made it “fantabulous”. And you may be wondering why it was Fantabulous Friday? Well, we made colourful, magical, fantabulous pancakes……..yes, colourful pancakes. We used our pancake ??????????????????????mixture together with food colouring and this was the result. We first made red, green, yellow and blue ones which we helped mix and then we mixed colours. We mixed red and yellow and made orange; we mixed blue and red and made purple. We were so excited to eat them for snack time and waited patiently to have them once we had eaten our ‘home prepared’ snacks. Our teachers asked us if thought that they would have different tastes because they were different colours. One of our friends thought that the yellow one would be like a lemon but when we tasted it, it just tasted like a pancake. All the colours tasted just like pancakes and we looooooove pancakes. We had plenty to eat and even ate all of our lunches. We used up so much energy in the park, which is probably why we were hungry ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????when we came back to school for lunch.

At the activity tables, we worked on our sorting boxes and some of our friends made paintings that we baked in the oven. Luka and William B made their paintings and when they were ready to come out of the microwave, Luka wanted to taste the paint, because it smelled so delicious…..yes it had a hot cake smell. But when he tasted it, it didn’t really have a hotcake taste as there was an equal amount of hotcake mix to salt. He said that it tasted really salty. So this is how our decision was made, to create colourful cupcakes.

???????????????????????????????Lanah and Hana made their number sorting boxes today and we are all going to make one in the next few weeks. They used egg cartons for their boxes and their first job was to decorate them. They used Poscas and pasted their names on the top of their box. They then cut out number symbols and together with Shelley, they pasted the numbers inside their boxes; each one being allocated to a space where their materials would go. Together they counted all of the numbers and then started looking through the collage materials and selected ???????????????????????????????what they wanted for each number. They had pom poms, coloured matchsticks, beads, buttons, coloured paper, pipe cleaners, wooden shapes, foam shapes etc. to choose from. They counted how many things they needed for each number, which took a long time and when they were finished, they had completed their special number sorting boxes. We are looking forward to making ours next week. ???????????????????????????????William B and Luka did a Hansel and Gretel puzzle this morning while Daiki did an alphabet one. Our story today was called “The Surprise Garden” and it was about some friends who planted different seeds in order to make a garden. They didn’t know what the seeds would grow into and this is what made it a ‘surprise garden’. When the shoots started to appear, soon they saw flowers and when the flowers disappeared, at last the vegetables grew. The?????????????????????? seeds were mostly vegetables with one seed growing into a watermelon and one seed becoming a sunflower. They had a wonderful picnic with their freshly grown vegetables. Thanks for a “Fantabulous Friday” and have a wonderful weekend. Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel