Welcome to Buds class, Yuu!

??????????We would like to welcome our new friend Yuu to Buds class. He is a very lovely boy and we want to show him how fun it is to be here in our class. First, we did our ??????????morning activities and it was nice to continue making our Chef’s hat. Sofia and Nikolas always wanted to explore more of our classroom for they always want to get our stuffed toys and different helmets from the box. We also noticed that Yurika likes to play with our toy red bus and the Lego slide that we have in our toy boxes. Yuu really likes to play with the purple play dough. It was a good thing that he already showed this interest in our classroom. ??????????               Our circle time was very interesting. We listened to our teachers’ story about the friends who would like to share and take turns in playing the recorder. The bear, bunny and the little girl Lisa asked ??????????their friend the lion if they could play with the recorder one by one. But the lion replied, “No!!!” And they were all upset about it. However, as the lion played alone, he realized that he was not happy too. So, he went back to his friends and asked for forgiveness. And they were so glad that the lion finally realized what he has done.

??????????                After our wonderful story from our circle time, we went to our activity tables and our teachers told us that we’re going to make a PANCAKE! First, we learned all the ingredients one by one. Of course, we have the pancake mix or powder, some eggs and milk.?????????? We were reminded by Maki that we will only have 100 ml and one egg for every bag of pancake mix. We also learned about the bowl, egg beater or mixer and a towel. And now, we’re all ready! Hence, we put on our chef’s hat because we were very serious about this.

As we passed around the mixture, Yurika poured the mix in, Sofia ??????????put some milk and Sofie cracked the eggs and put it in the bowl. We were so happy to see everyone so excited and ready to taste the pancake. We passed the bowl around so that everyone can have a chance of mixing everything.

After mixing them thoroughly, Sayaka took the bowl and started cooking the pancakes. She instructed us to be far away ??????????from the pot because it was very, very hot. So, we have to remember to stay in our seats and just wait for our pancakes to come. To our surprise, we found the pancakes in different letters. Chloe got a C, Nikolas got an N, Leanne got an L and so on. We realized that these letters corresponded to our names. But that didn’t stop us to eat our pancakes because the combination of it with the maple syrup was so awesome. Some of us finished the pancakes quickly and they were even asking for more.

The sunshine showed up today and we all had a great time at the ??????????park. Monday and Tuesday were rainy days so we had to stay indoors and did other activities. But today was different, it was always nice to be with nature and ??????????experience the park with our teachers, Buds class friends and other friends.

Thank you so much! We enjoyed our day! Hope to see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki