Twirly whirly flowers and grass

The sun shone and we were fortunate to be able to have some time in the park. It was really warm but a little bit windy and on our way back from the park, it seemed as if the wind became even stronger…….and that we felt a few drops of rain. We think that the weatherman is not too generous with sunshine at the moment! During the morning we added more things to our dioramas and this time we made curly grass and twirly whirly flowers. You may be wondering what twirly whirly flowers are; well they are flowers that you made with coloured strips of ??????????????????????paper which you roll on a pencil. We used some thin pencils and some thicker ones. We rolled the beginning of the paper onto the pencil and rolled it until we came to the very end of the paper. When we slid the pencil out at the end, the paper had curled and looked really pretty. One of our friends said that it looked like a rose. We placed them inside our garden dioramas and this time we didn’t stick them down; we just placed them free hand and maybe we will ???????????????????????????????move them another time.

At the moment, our dioramas have twirly whirly flowers in them, grass, a butterfly, a flower and a caterpillar. We will start to make our little bees for them tomorrow. The way we made our grass today was really fun. We chose different coloured paper and noticed that on the paper were some lines. The lines didn’t go all the way from one end to the other, they stopped in the middle. Our task was to cut along the lines just to the place where they stopped. When we had done this, we curled the paper so that ??????????????????????it looked like real grass. Then we pasted them inside the dioramas. You can see in the picture of the diorama that Lanah is placing her grass inside her one. Daiki and Koh chan made a butterfly for their dioramas as they were not here when we made our other ones using the coffee filters. They used tissue paper, foam shapes, pipe cleaners and eyes. Theirs are also hanging inside their ???????????????????????????????dioramas. During the morning we spoke about our classroom jobs and reminded ourselves about the jobs that we have to do, each day. Since Koh, Miyu and Luka were not at school yesterday, we explained to them what all the jobs were. They in turn told us what they thought the jobs entailed and all of us chose our jobs for the day. We were happy to be able to choose ones for Park leaders and Smock leaders, as we were able to go to the park. Lanah took care ???????????????????????????????of the lunch and Daiki was in charge of snack time.

Yesterday afternoon, John and Shelley recorded the songs that we will sing for our End of Year Party and this morning, Darren put them onto a CD. We listened to the CD during the morning and are enjoying singing with the CD. One of our favourite songs is the new Ohana School Song and …….can you guess? The one where we sing “Is your pom pom bigger than mine?”…..yes! It is called “Two little bees one day” and our teachers do not really know why we become hysterical when they sing this song. They think that it could be because of the word “pom pom” but they are??????????????????????????????? not sure. We looked at our calendar early in the morning when the sun was shining and put the sign to say that it was a sunny day. However it didn’t stay sunny!

We will change our calendar in future if we notice that the weather has changed dramatically, like it did today. We played “Zingo” at the table during free play time and really love playing it. Part of the fun is sliding the machine so that the plastic cards come out. From the instructions in the box, we learnt that there are three pictures of each card. So we set about looking for the three pictures for each one and we found that the apples have only two cards. Usually when we play the game, only one person is the winner but our teachers like to let us continue playing and see if we can fill our cards as well. This is where we learnt that there are not really enough cards for everyone to complete theirs. Thanks for a fun day today and see you tomorrow for more fun in the Petals garden.

Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel