Mr. Baker and Making our own Chef’s hat

??????????What a wonderful Tuesday! We are all very happy to be at Ohana once again. Yurika started playing with the beads and strings that we had on our activity tables. We all had a great time fixing and sewing them. But some of us needed a bit of help from our teachers too. Sofia was so responsible for she packed her stuff right away and put them in the trolley. We are so proud of her ??????????because we didn’t have to remind her that she needed to do her morning jobs! Nikolas loved to put on the glasses and he looked for several hats to be used with it. Rupert, as always, got his favorite toy cars and started to play by moving them around the classroom. Our circle time is always fun. We have some good activities today. We learned that letter Bb can have many words on it. Thus, we first learned how it sounds like, “Bb is for bbbb…” We repeated it over and over again and it ??????????was so funny that some of our friends were trying their best to make the sound as much as they could. Our teachers put out the whiteboard and we asked what we’re going to do with it. And then, we waited for our teachers to write on it. John wrote down the line with two semi-circle on the upper and lower right attached to it. He said that it was the letter Bb. We were asked if ??????????we could write one on the board too, and then we all volunteered but of course, we had to take our turns. We were very excited to try it out and it was nice that we had a chance to write a letter on the board.

After the letter writing, our teachers showed us some words that start with letter B. We saw a bunny, bear, broccoli, banana, bottle, bee and a baker. It was so interesting because Sofie learned that all of the toys that we saw started with letter Bb. We also sang about letter Bb and the song went on like this…

Bb says Bb…bbb…bbb..bbb..

Bb says Bb…bbb…bbb…bbb..

Bb is for bunny

Bb is for bear, broccoli, banana, bottle, bee and a baker…

Bb says Bb…bbb…bbb…bbb…

??????????                After our great circle time, we went to our art tables to work on our Chef’s hat. We saw some strips of paper on the table and then our teachers told us to color on them. We just did the bottom part of the Chef’s hat and of course, we tried our best in coloring and we put all the sparkles in the strip and we had our ??????????chance to choose the accessories and foam shapes that we could use for our hat. It was a good practice for our fine motor skills and the gluing part was simply a good way of developing it.

Some of us did our color book today. Our color was purple. Maki helped us in making this project possible for Buds. We used some artificial pansy and leaves. Pansy is purple so it was a perfect example of ??????????knowing this color. We also had a tray of glue sprinkled with some purple sparkles. What we did was, we tried to put on the pansy first in the purple paper and then we applied the sprinkled glue all over our paper. It was a great experience for us to learn more about purple. Thank you so much for this wonderful activity.

After our fun activities, we put out some funny costumes and some Lego blocks. It was very nice to know how creative we are in terms of pretend play. Sofie said that she was making a tower and it was not just a regular tower but she added that?????????? it was a dinosaur tower. Dominik said that his was a Spider-Man tower. Nikolas then got his own purple wig and it was very funny because he was so proud to show his wacky hair to everyone.

Due to the heavy rain outside, we were not able to go to the park again. But it was nice to be here with our friends and we ??????????still had a chance to discover our own classroom more. Thank you so much to our teachers who are always patient with us.

Hope to see you again tomorrow! Enjoy your day!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki