Shinkansen Show and Tell

We think that all the flowers that are growing in the gardens are getting more than enough water, from all of the rain. We wish that the rain would stop so that we can go outside and play in the park and look at the beautiful spring flowers. We hope that they are not getting too much water because that is also not very good for them. It is like us eating too much food or drinking too much liquid. It would not be good for us either. Today we are taking our plants home so that we can look after them there. Our seeds have grown such a lot and maybe we can trim the green shoots that are above the ground ???????????????????????????????because they are really long. Our dioramas are slowly but surely taking shape. You can see inside this one; we placed a flower and a caterpillar in it and are planning to make a few more things to put inside. If you look behind, you can see that it looks like there is a small mountain with sky. Our teachers are going to speak to us about things that are in the foreground and background so that we can understand how things are in our world. We finished making our stems for our flowers using green paper, adding ???????????????????????????????leaves to them. During the morning, we all had a chance to place our butterflies, caterpillar and flowers inside our diorama boxes. It felt like they had come alive. We all got so excited and started talking about other things that we want to put inside them. We thought about bees, more flowers, ants and other creatures. In the next few weeks we will make the things that we want to and create our own unique dioramas. It was another cold and rainy day so we had plenty of time to complete many of our activities; and start on some new ones. We made vegetables and fruit out of newspaper and coloured tissue paper and other coloured papers. We have already chosen the seeds that we want to plant for our song at our End of Year Party. We looked in our food box for the fruit or vegetables that our seeds ???????????????????????????????will grow into and took our specific one to the activity table. We looked at it carefully and chose the appropriate coloured paper and then wrapped the newspaper inside it. Lanah made an onion and when she looked at the plastic one which she found in our food basket, she noticed that it had lines so together with Hisami they made lines on it with yarn. Hana made a potato for hers and she noticed that potatoes have dots or holes on them which she made using a marker. William L made grapes and a cucumber and William B made a carrot. We look forward to seeing our fruit and vegetables come to life here from this activity.

We have now all completed our collages which we made using our yellow and ???????????????????????????????black striped paper as the background; and we have made a pencil drawing of some of the things that we think you can find in a garden. Tomorrow William L and Koh chan will make theirs. During one of our circle times we spoke about jobs and work and our teachers asked us if we knew what jobs our mums and dads do. The question was: What does work do your mom and dad do? This is what we said: Manuel: My dad puts glasses so he can see the computer, just like you, Shelley. My mum plays with me. Lanah: He does his own computer and she does pink work. The pink work looks beautiful. William L: He goes to the office and he works. Mum tidies up the toys. William B: Daddy goes to work and does the computer and mum tidies the toys in my bedroom. Hana: Daddy has got a Mickey computer and he works on the computer. Mummy’s got a Minnie computer. Michaela: Dad runs to work and plays with his computer. Sometimes when I go to school mum need to tidy up something and she is a teacher. Akari: Papa wears eyeglass at work and mummy cuts hair. Then our teachers asked us what we think their jobs are: Hisami: She is a piano person Liezel: She is a teacher Shelley: She does the computer and is a teacher and reads books to our friends. Then we spoke about our new job list which we helped create yesterday. We placed our names on the list choosing our jobs for today. We spoke about what our responsibility was for each job. It was a busy day at school and it ended off with William B doing his “Show and Tell”. He brought along a ??????????????????????wonderful “Show and Tell” today and he shared a lot of information about it.

He went with his mum, dad and his sister Emily to the SC Maglev Railways and Shinkansen museum in Nagoya. He told us that he went on the Nozomi Shinkansen and that it took 2 hours and 10 minutes and he ate lunch on the Shinkansen. He said that the Shinkansen went 400km/hour which is really fast. There were old and new Shinkansens there ??????????????????????and some of them had different shapes. The first Shinkansen was roundish in the front but the newer ones are more pointy. We asked him some interesting questions and we were really keen to hear about his experience there. Thanks William B for the wonderful “Show and Tell” that you brought to school today. Love always Shelley, Hisami and Liezel