Junior Chefs

??????????What a rainy Monday we had today! But this didn’t stop us from having a great time at Ohana. We love ??????????being here and our teachers and friends from other classes were also excited to come to school today. We also liked to play with our toys and special morning activities. We loved arriving at school with so much stuff to do. We learn more if we have the freedom to explore what we could do inside the classroom. ??????????              We started our circle time by singing our favorite “Hello song and Twinkle, twinkle, little star”. We also learned to count from one to five again. And then, our teachers showed us some figurines and they told us that these people can help us by cooking food.?????????? The figurines had a funny hat, they wore white clothing and they had a ladle in their hands. And we learned that it was a chef. A chef is very popular in restaurants. They love to cook and make yummy food for their customers. So, our teachers got a chef’s hat as well. We also saw some strainers, plastic knife and spoon, and the pan. Our teachers told us that we were about to cook a special soup for Buds class. Of course, it was just a pretend play and we were so excited to do the soup on ??????????our own. Our teachers counted the ingredients for our soup. We learned that we have 3 leaves of lettuce, 2 pieces of broccoli and 2 sausages. We all had our turn and we all had to count the ingredients carefully. So we put on the chef’s hat and started putting the ingredients in the pan. Dominik counted the lettuce,?????????? Sofie could count the broccoli and Sofia counted the sausages. And then we mixed the ingredients. We took our turns one by one and we all were able to understand how the chef works in the restaurant.

After the pretend cooking, we all went for our gym class. Miyashita-sensei was there again together with his co-gym ??????????teacher. First, we did our warm-up exercises and the different postures that we always did in class. And then, he prepared the blue mat and the red mat on the floor. He said that they are the red house and blue ??????????house. We walked around the two houses like a bear, bunny and a frog. And lastly, we played the “knock, knock game”. The game was fun because when somebody knocks on our door, we would all ask, “Who is it?” And when that someone says “It’s a ghost!” we all had to run as fast as we can!

??????????              The gym class was fun and it also helped us to exude more of our energy. When we went back to our classroom, we had a little bit of story time. John took out the book with the title, “Spot’s Birthday Party!” The book was about Spot playing hide-and-seek with his friends. He found his friend alligator, the big fat ??????????bear, the long snake, the funny hippo, the giggly penguins, and the furry lion, the hungry monkey who was eating a banana in the storage area and of course, Sally. And when he finished looking for his friends, they all went to him and started singing, “Happy birthday!”

??????????               We also went to our activity tables. And there we found some Montessori equipments that we will be using. We listened to our teachers first on how to work on them and we learned how to stack the cones together and fix the puzzle according to their shapes. It was very interesting and all of us wanted to have a turn. So, our teachers told us to patiently wait for our turn and they will distribute the equipment accordingly.

We can’t go to the park so we just stayed indoors. Sayaka and Maki prepared a very fun sensory activity for us. Our teachers told us that we would be using shaving cream and food coloring. We chose the blue color and we waited for all the preparation before we put our hands into it. And when our teachers were done, we all used our hands as much as we can to get the feeling of the cream. As much as we mixed them altogether, the cream turned into like thick clouds from the sky. We loved it so much and we wanted to show our teachers how much fun we had during this activity.

                Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful day again! We all had a great time and we hope that we’re going to see the sunshine tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki