Rectangle and our special train

??????????Fabulous Friday! It was a bit cloudy outside but we still have a fun and relaxing day at Ohana. We love doing our morning activities because it gives more time to explore what can be seen in our classroom. We also love playing with one another for it definitely improves our social skills and teamwork. Yurika came first today and she went straight to our morning table activities to continue her craft. She really likes to use different design on her collage. ??????????Nikolas then came and started playing like a fireman in our class. He took the fire truck that we made last time and he started moving the fire truck around the classroom. He then said in a big voice, “fire truck is coming, fire truck is coming”. Some of us liked to use the kitchen play area and it was always good to do some cooking and know the food words at the same time. We also believe that we still learn even when we are playing. So our ??????????teachers feel that it is important for us that is why they are always giving us time to play in the classroom. And of course, we are all happy for that. We started our circle time with the Ohana School Song. The words may be long but we will learn them ??????????eventually. But Yurika was dancing to it and she feels it too. It was the very first time that we sang it with everyone. It was also a great way to know the school spirit. The song opens our day bright with positivity and kindness to everyone. And then, we moved on with our weather song because it is also important for us to know that it was cloudy ??????????outside and it might rain pretty soon. Today, we also learned a new shape. It is the rectangle. The rectangle resembles like a square but this one was a bit longer than the other. We love learning shapes, letters and numbers. We also love singing them with our songs. We read the rectangle book and we saw various things that has a rectangular shape. We saw the domino, card, ??????????board, book, ticket, cassette, mat and of course, the TV. We also tried to look some rectangular-shaped things inside our classroom and our teachers helped us too. After our short hunt for the rectangles, we then made our train. And we started singing…

The train goes like a rectangle

Rectangle, rectangle, rectangle

The train goes like a rectangle

Rectangle, rectangle, rectangle ??????????

Here, we had to go from one corner to another for four times. And we noticed that we’re going like a rectangle. It was very nice because we had a chance to play with our pretend train together. And all of us were so cooperative doing the actions and singing the song at the same time. And then, we stopped for a while because our teachers said that there was a red light ??????????and we had to let the other train pass by. And when we saw the green light, we got a signal that it was time to go again. We started singing and moving fast.

Another part of our circle time, John read a book with a title of “The Berenstein Bears’ Going to the doctor”. The story was about Brother and Sister Bears ??????????going to the doctor for checkups. At first, the bear cubs were a bit afraid of the doctor but Papa Bear told them not to because the doctor always means well. He also said that he doesn’t need to go to the doctor because he doesn’t get sick. But he sneezed so hard before going to sleep and on the way to the doctor at Bearstown. When they arrived at Dr. Gert Grizzly’s clinic, the bear cubs also saw some other cubs who were there for a checkup. Brother Bear remembered that he will also get some booster shots from the dear doctor too. But Dr. Grizzly said that it may hurt only for a bit and she also added up that there are some medicine that we need to take just to avoid any diseases?????????? in the future. Papa Bear thanked the doctor but he sneezed so hard again. And Dr. Grizzly noticed it and she checked Papa Bear’s condition. And she said that Papa Bear was also sick. At the end of the day, they took Papa Bear home and took care of him. ??????????

Some kids continued our Easter bunny glasses. And Alexa made her very first drawing. This activity gave us time to practice our concentration and artistic skills. We also learned the different colors and shapes too. Sayaka and Maki patiently taught us how to make our Easter bunny glasses more beautiful.

At the park, we love playing in the sand box. We enjoyed seeing the?????????? tunnel that our friends from Flowers class made. We had a lot of fun putting the water in the sand and it was such a wonderful moment where in all of us gathered and made our sand tunnel even more interesting. ??????????

Thank you again Ohana for the wonderful experience. We learn so many new things each and every day.

Hope you’ll have a great weekend!

Lots of love, John, Sayaka and Maki