Always be safe!

??????????Hello everyone and hello Mr. Sun! It was such a beautiful weather outside and we all greeted each one with big smiles on our faces. Ritsuka and Yurika came to school early today and they both loved making something out of their play dough. Then, Yurika decided to get the fire truck because we feel that she wanted to do?????????? the role playing again from yesterday. On our morning activity tables, there were some letter foams and figures waiting for us. Our teachers told us to use some glue so that we can all stick them in the paper. We also liked to know the letters so we tried to get the foam letters instead. When more of our friends came, we all went to get the big Lego blocks. Our teachers also said that we can build our own town and that’s what we did. Dominik was so busy picking his own Lego and he ??????????carefully constructed a slide. And then, Nikolas helped some of his friends to make his own slide too and suddenly Rupert put his toy car in the slide, thus, it went down quickly. Lisa played with the fire truck as well and when she noticed that the fire truck was empty, she instantly looked for the firefighters. She put them inside the truck and pretended that they were all on a mission. Our teachers were very happy because some of us remembered the lesson that we had yesterday about the fire station.                 Today, we also did some easter bunny art. Sayaka and Maki led the class and ??????????we enjoyed every bit of it. Dominik showed his artistic side again and he definitely put a lot of accessories on it. Our bunny glasses came in various colors and it was nice to pick the color we would like to use. Rupert, Nikolas, Sofia and Leanne gladly chose their favorite colors and we all started to work on our Easter bunny glasses. The other kids stayed with John for a short singing and story time in class. It was a peaceful and calm time for all of us and we definitely liked every minute of it.

??????????               It was also our earthquake and fire drill today. We all knew that it was just a pretend activity. But of course, our teachers informed us about what to do during these times. And we all have to get ready and be safe all the time. Our teachers said?????????? that we should also learn how to take care of ourselves and we certainly know that our teachers would do the same. We went to our tables and sang songs with the cute polar bear that Alexa brought today. We were having a great time and then we heard a loud whistle and our friends from Flowers class were shouting “fire, ??????????fire, fire”. Our teachers told that we needed to hurry up, go outside and cover our nose and mouth. Fortunately, we were able to go out with ease. Thank you to our teachers because we all made it out safely. After the drill, we went straight to the park and of course, with the sun shining bright, it was a great opportunity for us to enjoy the park and the sunshine.

Chloe loves to stay beside the ladder and got a good grip at the bars and then she would later chase her friends. Rupert, Sofie, Dominik, Ritsuka and Alexa loved to ??????????slide down with their friends and teachers. They did it for several times before heading to the vacant lot to play the bubble game. We loved the bubble game. The game was fun because every time somebody would say, “boom”, we all had to run away as fast as we could because the tiger (John) would catch us. It was a good game before we went back to our beloved school.

??????????                Today, we also had a special time to get to know more of our friends. And it was so cute to see how Dominik took care of ??????????Alexa. She was smiling all the time and it was the first time as well that we see how happy Alexa was since she came to Buds class. Dominik tried to help her put the vests on, they held their hands all the time just to make sure that everything will go smoothly as they ran up and down the stairs. They also used the slide by taking turns and waiting for each other before going up the slide again. It was a great moment to witness how nice the Buds class are becoming. We know how to take care of our friends and make them feel comfortable with us.

??????????               Thank you so much to our teachers who are always there for us. Thank you Ohana for giving us great experience and love. Have a good day and hope to see you all tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki