Ff is for fire, firefighter and fire truck

??????????It is a wet Wednesday today. As everybody was all busy dropping the kids off to school, the rain was pouring hard outside. Nikolas and Ritsuka came to school early and they both headed to get their own toys to play with and activities to do in class. The figurines and some toy trains were on the floor. We did some track construction today and it was very amazing how we ??????????worked together and tried to figure out how to connect all these tracks. Some of us went to the kitchen play area because we wanted to cook something for our friends. And our teachers took out the musical instruments such as the recorder, maracas and accordion. ??????????              One of the activities of our circle time was to get to know more about the firefighter and the fire truck. We love doing role playing. So our teachers showed us the toy fire truck (big and small), two firefighters in different uniforms, and the firefighter’s helmet. Kaia and Leanne enjoyed putting them on. And we heard that the firefighters could help us if somebody would call the fire station. So we pretended to phone them and?????????? both firefighters geared up quickly, got on the fire truck and headed off to the place where there was fire. And then, we saw the fire hose and we pretended that the water could also come out.

We learned the letter Ff and what sound it can make. So we all said, “F is for firefighter, F is for fire truck, F is for fire”. We also got a chance of writing the letter Ff on the whiteboard. Of course, our teachers helped us because we are still learning ??????????how to hold our pen properly. But it was a great experience for us and we were so proud on what we can do now. Leanne said that she likes to become a firefighter so we let her wear the helmet. And then she?????????? also got her telephone. Somebody called her up and told her that there was fire. As we watched her respond to her mission, we imagined that she was actually the captain of the fire department and she was commanding all of her subordinates on how to accomplish their mission. It was a success and we were all happy to see how well the firefighters put out the fire. Kaia did the?????????? same thing. She made it sure that the fire was gone before she and her team finished the job. Great job Buds!

After our circle time, we lined up for our train. Our teachers told us that we were also going to make a fire truck art. We saw two cardboard materials glued together and its shape was a bit strange. Before we got started, we were asked what color the fire truck was. And Chloe said that it was “red”. So, we ??????????got our paintbrushes and we started dipping them in red paint then applied it on our soon-to-be fire truck. We only had to paint on one truck so we have to wait patiently. And then, it was also nice ??????????that our teachers got us some white paper while the other kids were painting on the truck. Thus, we used the white paper for another painting activity.

That was a fun! We then went to our library to read some books. John told us a story of A Day at the Fire Station. The story was about Drippy and Sticky who wanted to paint ??????????the fire station but things got a bit messy and they spilled the paint everywhere even in the fire trucks. They tried to find ways on how to fix the problem. But there was a fire alarm, and ??????????the firefighters were called because of the traffic accident. When everyone was away, Drippy and Sticky started to clean the fire station and painted the floor. But the firefighters came and made a lot of mess again while the paint was still wet. The fire alarm buzzed one more time and the firefighters went to the burning pizza parlor. They managed to spray water in the burning oven and then the fire was out. And the pizza owner invited all the ??????????firefighters to eat a big pizza. Good thing, they all went back to the fire station and started to clean everything. Then a big truck of strawberry jam came. But they noticed that there was also a rushing crane ahead and it was too late before they warned the driver to stop and BOOM! The strawberry jam was all over the place.

Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful indoor experience! We are all excited to see you again tomorrow! Hope to see the sunshine as well!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki